Trying to build a microphone, but have a problem
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Apr 7, 2020
So I'm trying to follow the guide of this video:

and I'm having trouble with the wiring part.
Unlike him, I'm just hooking it up to an XLR cable because I have a DAC with 48v phantom power, so I don't need to build my own amp+dac like he does.

What I'm having trouble with is, when I attach the correct(?) wires to the correct(?) pins, it kinda works, but is extremely quite (unusable) even with 48v phantom power on (turning it on/off makes no difference except for some loud frequency sound or blip*). The 48v works for my normal mic that I use though.
Here's pictures of the wiring:

I've got a 2N4416 transistor hooked up to the microphone. The source goes into the XLR positive, and drain goes to XLR negative correct? I have the shielding going to the microphone ground (soldered one), and I have the transistor gate (G) going into the microphone stub thing. And I chopped off the C stub from the transistor as it's not needed(?).
Contrary to the picture, the wires aren't touching each other, or at least I'm pretty sure they aren't.

So any ideas? The first time I hooked up the transistor I could kinda hear my finger clicks but it was extremely quiet, and enabling 48v phantom power didn't do anything except for some loud audible blips*. After tickering with it for a bit, it's not working at all now, though I have spares.

Here is the sheet for the transistor:
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