Trying Out Audio Equipment
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Oct 21, 2013
So a big thing about audio equipment is how it sounds to you, however being a harried college student in a suburban town without a car, there is little opportunity to drive places, are there good ways to listen to gear, or good places to order something from where you can return it? I heard Schitt has a 15 day return policy, is that for a full refund? could i try out one amp and then send it back and try another before i pick one? is there a better way of doing that?
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Thats a pretty good call, is that pretty widely practiced around here? once the initial depreciation has occured to the product, do you find that mostly you can buy and sell it for about the same price, causing a net loss of only the shipping, or do you find that you take a 5 or 10 percent hit each time you perform a transaction?
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Buy wise and don't lose much on it. Many head-fiers buy used and sell again. It can be slightly risky, but you should stick with buying from people with proper feedback.
I'm only buying used when I stumble upon an offer that is too good to pass up. Overall, I would say I haven't lost anything yet on buying used, rather the opposite.
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+1 Billy. I was happy with my chain but was always curious about the M&M Schiit stack. Bought used from someone here, tried it out, and sold them 2 weeks later and about broke even. Less than $5 lost. YMMV depending on what you buy. If it's popular, the turn around time is quick and you won't lose much. Buy a quirky amp that not a lot of ppl have heard about? Takes longer and you take a bigger hit. Even popular items like a Bottlehead Crack, some will take a loss because ppl will see the price you're selling it for vs the $280 for the kit. So buy wise like david said and you'll have fun w/o taking a huge hit to the wallet. :) Oh, and sorry about your wallet. :wink:

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