trying my hand at a recable...
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Nov 27, 2008
Hey all, I would like to try recabling my ES7 headphones.

I've been looking around this forum and some online stores and I think I'll use some Canare mini starquad (L-4E5C) cable. Should be fine, right? [edit: how is Mogami W2893 mini quad cable? any big difference from the Canare?]

I'm not so sure about plugs though, any recommendations? So far it seems I'll probably just go with the Neutrik NYS231BG. I've seen some pretty cool weird plugs but I'm not sure where to find them (or how much they cost). [edit: are TecNec plugs and jacks good? These are available at Markertec so I can order just once. Not gold plated like the Neutriks though.]

I would like to make the cable detachable. Any recommendations for this? What kind of connectors, et cetera? Probably ok to just use some regular plugs and jacks for this right? What are my other options (mostly for a smaller connection)?

Techflex and nylon multifilament? I read techflex isn't such a good choice because of microphonics. What if I don't use these at all? I think it's just for cosmetic purposes, but how would it look if I just didn't use it over the cables? I've got heatshrink to get the major joints.

Lastly, where to order from? I was looking at markertek, and while they have the cable at a low price, they're out of stock on the plug I was thinking about. I think they charge shipping too, where other places like daleproaudio don't for most items. Problem is I don't think I can order cable by the foot from daleproaudio and I can't find a 3.5mm jack. I would prefer to order from one vendor, but if the price difference is enough I can order from multiple.

Thanks for the help.
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I just did a couple of recables using the Mogami 2893, and I liked the results compared to the stock Grado and Denon D2000 cables, but I can not compare it to Canare cable. From reading other peoples reviews they are close in sound quality, with the slight edge going to the Mogami.

For plugs I have tried Switchcraft and Neutrik. I will be using all Neutrick in the future. I really like the 1/4 inch NP3X-B, black with gold plated connectors, reasonably priced, and built in wire strain relief. Much nicer than the particular swithcraft plug I tried.

I ordered my stuff from Markertek, but there are others if you search.

To make them disconnect at the headphones you would need to install a mini jack and plug in each headphone, and color code the jacks so you can get left and right correct. I haven't tried this but read about some folks doing this to Grado's in the DIY forum. It would be a great way to try several different cables and do A/B testing. I would take the jacks out and solder the cables in once I had chosen my favorite however. The less connections the better the sound quality.

Make a cartoon picture of the way the curent cables are hooked up and wired, for reference after you take them apart, and check everything with a multi-meter to make sure you have it wired correctly. It's pretty easy to get confused when everything is apart.

Good Luck

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Thanks for posting, Mark.
I actually have bought all my stuff already, but it's nice to read your opinions.

I went with Canare cable, I guess it's supposed to be a little more durable. I'll probably try Mogami next time.

Nice to hear about the plugs, I ordered a few Neutrik ones.

I ended up getting most of my stuff from Redco, shipping cost was much lower than Markertek.

I bought some 2-pin connectors from some online hobby store whose name escapes me right now. They remind me a bit of the Sennheiser plugs, not exactly but similar. I think they will work fine for making my cable detachable.
I mostly want them detachable to help with organization a little.

I'll keep this in mind when all the stuff comes in.

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I've done quite a bit of reading on this, and I'd say rx7mark is about right.
Canare is cheaper alot of times, and thats why they use it.

However, the prices for mini starquad are about the same and I don't think you can go wrong with either. I've heard that the Canare is a bit bassier. I could not find the cable at any place that didn't charge a large shipping fee. =(
If you do find a place, let me know.

I got everything I needed from markertek except for the plugs.. and got the plugs from dale pro audio.

I don't know about the headphone connections. I would look into using mini XLR connections like some AKG headphones do.

I don't use any sort of cable sleeving. while it isn't just for cosmetic reasons, it shouldn't matter as long as you're careful.

Also, if this is your first soldering experience, I recommend you order some extra cable and jacks. This way you can make an interconnect or two Before risking your expensive headphones. maybe a DIY LOD for your ipod (or W/E) and an extension cable too.
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I ordered my Canare mini-starquad from Redco. The cable itself was $0.46 per foot and for 15ft of cable, 5 neutrik 1/8" and 1 1/4" plug, shipping was about $6.50. Didn't seem too high for me.

I guess sleeving is also a little for protection, hm? Is there something else to it? I ordered some nylon sleeving anyway, I like it, haha.

I've done a bit of soldering already, but I have a bunch of excess for other projects and just incase I do something wrong, I have spare parts ready.
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Yep, I ordered mine from wirecare. The sleeving itself was pretty well priced, shipping was a little high in my opinion, and unless you order $20 worth of products or something like that, they charge a handling fee of $2 or $3.
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Sorry to ask ar. but were u able to do make it detachable? ~
and where you get the 2-pin connectors. would really like to do that to my es7 also =D
Thanks alot in advance

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Originally Posted by pdupiano /img/forum/go_quote.gif
try ordering from wirecare ... and pay for tax ontop of everythingelse..... I suggest for your next recable job, just try and order everything from one place. If all you need is techflex, mogami, and adapters I suggest markertek as the onestop shop for most of what you need

Yeah, I was planning to order from just markertek, but they didn't have the plugs I wanted. I think they were also out of stock on the sleeving size, but I don't remember exactly.

I usually order from just one place if I need multiple parts, but I couldn't this time.

joshuatan: I haven't received anything yet (I placed my order Sunday) but I ordered them from "Ron's HeliProz South". They're just small, simple 2-pin connectors, don't see why they wouldn't work.
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ok cool. do let me know once they are in yea! haha thanks alot. if possible which would be the website that u order from? shouldn`t be too expensive right? Thanks alot in advance and for your fast reply =D

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The user Furryletters on ebay sells 25 foot pieces of techflex for $6 shipped, pretty good deal if you ask me, they have lots of types too.

I like Mogami 2534 for burlier cables, the thinner variety 2893 I believe is fine too.

Retro fitting a cable to have a detachable cable is not easy and just adds a bunch of extra solder joints, but you could probably do it using female and male mini mono jacks.

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