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True-Fi Software by Sonarworks

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dgindlespergerd, Jan 9, 2018.
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  1. dgindlespergerd
    I saw this and downloaded it as it was created for headphones. Once install I was pleasantly surprised at the changes it made. It reminds me of running off on my tube amp.

    There is a free trial which is what I am running; don't know if I will buy as I have a couple of tube amps.

    Dan G.
  2. MickeyVee
    Doing the rial now too with the HD800S. Loving the improvement.
    Interface needs a bit of work. Needs to stay in background and appear when called upon. especially in system startup.
    Overall great impressions and I'll probably purchase it.
  3. episiarch Contributor
    I've been using it this week and I'm an absolute fan.

    • Improves a K702 noticeably.
    • Hugely narrows the gap between K550 and K702. I don't mind using my K550 as my daily driver now.
    I don't mind the UI (I'm on Mac, FWIW), but I wish it would auto-adapt its sample rate. Currently it just crashed when Audirvana hits a track that's above the sample rate I've set in True-Fi.

    Sonically, though, I love it.
  4. episiarch Contributor
    They've posted an "Early Bird Offer," 20% off until the end of the month with code TFJAN20.

    I was going to buy it anyway, but now I've bought a few days early.
  5. episiarch Contributor
    One more bullet point to add to my earlier ones:
    • Fostex TH-X00 setting works nicely with Denon D2000s.
  6. MrPanda
    Guilty confession: I'm really liking what Sonarworks does to my AKG K712's -- after sitting on the shelf for months, they're now my go to headphones. HiFiMan400i sounds better than it did also, but the AKG's are really transformed -- I never imagined they could sound this good. I'm wondering if they could do some IEM's, particularly the iSine series....
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  7. MadMike
    Love it with my Focal Elears- improves the mid-range quite a bit. Sound is almost breathtaking! They do need to iron out a few kinks though.
  8. MrPanda
    I tried it with a set of Koss Porta-pros -- it's incredible what happens. (I dare any Porta-pro owners not to buy the software after they hear what it does, lol). I really hope Sonarworks keeps developing this software and broadens the headphone models available.
  9. fufula
    Looks like a nice piece of software, I've been wishing for a good, reliable system-wide EQ software for years. Sadly, though, my headphones are not supported.

    You could do the same for free, I guess, if you can manage to get Equalizer APO to work, or if you use a music player that let's you install plugins. There's a whole thread about it.
  10. Melkor
    I recently downloaded and tried this software with my Hifiman HE-400is. I found it changed the sound dramatically. At first, I didn't quite like it, but after getting used to it, I find I cannot go back to the stock sound of these headphones.

    It dramatically increased the sub-bass, which I found strange, because I thought theses headphones were relatively flat down in the sub-bass region. At least, when I look at Innerfidelity's raw measurements, that's what it looks like. However, Sonarworks measured a step roll-off just below 100hz. To try and confirm which measurement is more accurate, I decided to play a number of test tones in 10hz increments, starting at 100hz, and going all the way down to 20hz. Sure enough, without Sonarworks software turned on, the test tones quickly become fainter and fainter the lower I go, confirming that Sonarworks measurements appear to be accurate. With Sonarworks turned on, these headphones can now play what sounds to be relatively flat down to about 40hz. And like I said, this makes a huge difference.

    I'd like to have a bit more flexibility in shaping the frequency response, though. For example, Sonarworks measured a dip in the response around 2khz and so EQ'd upwards to flatten this out. Maybe it's just me, but I think I prefer a slight dip in this region, otherwise it can give a somewhat "shouty" quality to certain recordings. However, Janis from Sonarworks told me they are working on introducing additional EQ customization for the user, so this will be interesting to see.

    One issue I find that I am having though is that I hear a faint and periodic "poping" sound when running the software. I don't know if anyone has tried Sonarworks Reference 4 Systemwide, but with that software you can change the filter type (e.g. zero latency, linear phase) and when you do so, you hear the exact same sound that I am describing. However, I hear the sound without changing any settings.

    In my set-up I am using iTunes on a Macbook Pro, outputting to a Schiit Modi, then to a Schiit Asgard 2. If I take the Modi out of the chain, this poping sound seems to go away. So, there seems to be something not working right between Sonarworks software and the Modi. But, taking the Modi out of the chain is not desirable. Because if I listen straight through my Mac, I can't get the volume loud enough (because Sonarworks reduces the volume to prevent clipping). So, another option is to run an RCA Y-cable out of my Macbook Pro's headphone jack and into the RCA inputs on the Asgard 2. But for some reason, this doesn't sound as good, either. The sound seems a little muffled and again, I can't get the same volume levels as I can when using the Modi.

    I wrote both Sonarworks and Schiit, but neither replied.

    Maybe some of you have some suggestions.
  11. Scblacksunshine
    Really love True-Fi and what it did for my HD800S and PM-3. Find it hard to go back to listening without it now. Improved bass and mid-range on HD800s and the sound is fuller now compare to without the True-Fi. Actually I upgraded to their Reference 4 software and find it even better than True-Fi when it comes to interface and customization but it's more expensive. Do wish they have a fully build version for Android phone. The current beta is lacking a lot and integration to Spotify is not that great but I do hope they're working hard on it to make it a system wide adjustment on Android like on PC. Also, wishing they have more profile for IEM like AKG K3003i and IE800. Customer support from them has been really good though, for anyone considering trying it, give their free trial a test.
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  12. swspiers
    Right now I have the 21-day trial for the Reference 4. My initial results are impressive. I'll be working from the bottom-up with my headphones, starting with the Grado 60e's. Eventually I'll get to the 800S's, but I'm going to take my time.

    FYI- I'm not sure how it compares with their True-Fi option, but I want the flexibility to do correction with my speaker system.

    My Reference 4 rig is a Mac Air running Roon, into a Schiit Modi 2 Uber, into a Burson Soloist.
  13. swspiers
    No kidding. Reference 4 basically turned the 400i's into my favorites: the HE-5LE, which I traded for my Burson. Talk about remorse!

    That is a massive EQ adjustment in the sub-bass, far more than I would ever attempt manually. I am extremely impressed with this software, and will probably buy it. If it does the same thing with the 800S's, it's a bargain!

    BTW, I had the popping sound. I restarted the whole system and it went away (for now at least).
  14. episiarch Contributor
    Is anyone here using True-Fi with B&W P7 Wireless in Bluetooth mode? I'm looking at getting one of them, but I'm worried that after "Lower volume to avoid clipping," Bluetooth playback volume might be limited to too low a level for me.

    Edit: helpful reply from Elijah @ Sonarworks:

    Thanks for your message! It will be about -6, -7 dB reduction.​
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  15. Melkor
    Not sure about the P7s but with the 400i I can tell you that it reduced the volume enough with a Macbook Pro that I cannot get satisfactory volume levels without hooking it up to a more powerful headphone amp.
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