TRRS to TRS adapter ( 3.5mm balanced TRRS to single ended TRS adapter )

  1. Komkrit
    Modify of the Viablue head.
    This step must to do to increase the space in Viablue body.
    The same as in
    But I will post again to complete all DIY of this adapter.[​IMG]
    Remove the ring by press it down against the floor.
  2. Komkrit
    Use a round file to extend inner diameter of the ring.(only inner edge at the front)
  3. Komkrit
    When finished, the ring can push to the posterior like this.
  4. Komkrit
    Cut the excessive rear bolt of Viablue.
    Used a file to cut it >>> not damage the line of the bolt.
  5. Komkrit
    In the posterior of Viablue has two ring for lock the cable.
    I used the bigger ring to modify for lock my adapter.
    Partial cut the ring to give the space for the fourth pin.
  6. Komkrit
    When put the front and back ring into the part.
  7. Komkrit
    Finished !!! [​IMG]
    Komkrit TRRS to TRS adapter.
    Photo with Komkrit adapter Rev.2
    For mini balanced(Kobiconn) to single TRS adapter.
    This DIY act as my challenge and experimental, not for sale.
    In the future if it has high quality TRRS jack, this DIY will more easily.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Special thanks to AnakChan, who has inspired me for this DIY...thank you very much.[​IMG]
  8. kkcc
    Thanks Komkrit for sharing this excellent piece of work in great details!
  9. AnakChan Moderator
    This is awesome, Komkrit. There's a lot of detail to how you've done the work. I still haven't gotten my Uber balanced cable back from Russia yet but I'm supposed to get it back this week. So I should be able to let you know soon enough on the how welll the TRRS -> SE 3.5mm adapter works.
  10. Komkrit
    Thank you.[​IMG]
    Thank you AnakChan.
    I hope it will work with your cable.[​IMG]
  11. LarsHP
    Wow! What a nice job you did. Congrats! Really impressed.
  12. Komkrit

    Thank you.[​IMG]
  13. burtomr
  14. Komkrit
    My adapter exactly used (2)Rean and (1)Viablue.
    One Rean for the main part of adapter, another one I used its' internal pin for modify the fourth pin.
    I think its' internal pin is proper because come from the same material for the same sound quality,
    and this internal pin has a shape and spring effect that I want.[​IMG]
    The Rean/Neutrik in your link that OK.(code:NYS240BG)
    The ViaBlue plug use normal version.(code:T6s PHONO PLUGS STEREO 3.5 MM)
    Not small version.code:T6s PHONO PLUGS STEREO 3.5 MM SMALL
  15. kkcc

    Burtomr are you planning to make one? I would really love to get one.... if you can make two PLEASE.......!

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