Troubleshooting FiiO M11 Pro - Questions (and Review)
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Mar 30, 2020
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I just got the FiiO M11 Pro in the mail today and, I'm not going to lie, I'm somehow a mix of excited and underwhelmed. This is my first DAP, I did hours of research and narrowed it down between the M11 and M11 Pro. Go big or go home, right? Long story short, I've got this $650 DAP and I'm comparing it to the BTR5 paired with my iPhone 8. Anyways... Here are my two biggest issues with it.

1) There's a pretty apparent curved rectangle "ghost" image on the screen. I didn't notice it at first because I had the brightness so low, but when you turn it up - you definitely notice. Is there anyway to fix this, or do I just need to send it back?

2) Is there any way to off-load system apps that I don't want? Notably, Chrome? I wanted to use the M11 Pro strictly for music listening, and I'm worried with Chrome and the Google Play store it'll just become another major time waster in my life.

Those are my two big questions that I really could use answers for. Aside from that, I'm faced with a decision I could use help with. I want so badly to like this DAP. Yet, I keep looking at my BTR5 and going, "I paid $120 for you" and looking at the M11 Pro and going, "I paid $650 for you" and then asking myself, "Was it worth it?"

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