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TRN impressions thread

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  1. mbwilson111
    ...and that explains it all. I listen mostly to singer-songwriters, folk,blues, rock,indie, classical, soundtracks, world music, some jazz, Americana, some electronica, progressive rock, some pop, oldies and others. I am not into EDM, metal or rap. Mids are very important to me and I am treble sensitive. I ike bass but not at headache inducing levels.

    I should also mention that isolation is not important to me.

    I have never listened from a smartphone...truly.
  2. Otto Motor
    The TRN V90 have arrived. Elephant for scale.


  3. ClieOS Contributor

    The new BT20S arrived.
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  4. LaughMoreDaily
    That sounds like TRN quality. I was listening to their gold 4 core cable today and I could tell they didnt solder all the wires to the plugs. I don't understand why. All my TRN products are being donated to someone else.
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  5. baskingshark
    The only TRN product I have so far is the BT20 and it works very well for a BT set, so far hasn't broken down with 1.5 months usage daily.

    Yep I saw the fiasco where they didn't solder their 8 core wires properly, not sure if it has been fixed and whether it was deliberate.
    I'm willing to give them another chance, waiting for reviews of the V90.
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  6. KevDzn
    Yeah, there were complaints on that particular 8 core cable. If I recalled correctly they have already changed supplier. For me their iems seem to have better designs and a more diversified SQ between their range of iems. Beside the im2, I also ordered the newly released v90. Could not resist due to the looks and the early bird pricing.
  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I was just thinking about getting the IM1 but then I read one of the guys who tuned it say on Facebook, "I wouldn't recommend the IM1 to anyone." Lol.
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  8. lgcubana
    Could you supply a link for the cable ?
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  9. KevDzn
    Hmmm.....any chance you could be mistaken it for another model, coz the im1 was well received by a lot of more experience headfiers here? That's the reason why I got it. I recalled it's tuning is more for monitoring.
  10. crabdog
    The X6 was a disaster IMO and no amount of arguing could ever change my mind. I'm not sure why you aren't liking the IM2 though, as it is V-shaped. I found the IM2 loses its fullness if it's not seated well in the ears. Are you getting a proper seal and have you tried different eartips?
  11. igorneumann
    I used the stock tips, will also try others... I agree that Im probably wrong on the IM2, Ill give it some quality time this weekend, try different sources tips and cables.

    MAYBE it just needs some more power to drive than the IM1, maybe some other tips help.

    I've heard the X6 is awesome as monitor for musicians on stage, so Ill probably just keep it in its box until I find the right person to gift.
  12. mbwilson111
    Only the 6 and 8 core cables from a certain supplier were not soldered correctly. That has all been documented in a previous post. It is always good to read through an entire thread for information.

    How can you listen with a 4 core cable and say that it does not have all the wires connected? Are you saying that there was no sound out of one or both of the earpieces? 4 core is pretty simple. Either it works (i.e. plays the music) or it doesn't/
  13. igorneumann
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  14. zazaboy
    @Otto Motor which seller did you get them? With that cable? Are they any good... Whats your first impression
  15. Otto Motor
    I got them from TRN directly. Was solicited by their volunteer tuner @KopiOkaya to analyse them. The TRN-V90 I have seen at NiceHCK store...and the TRN-V1 cable at some other aliexpress stores...the TRN-V1 cable is 8-core and nicely supple. It costs $9.60, which appears to be a good deal.

    My very first impression was horrible but you asked for my first impression, which is very good. Initially, the sound was harsh and unbalanced but not because of lack of break-in but because of my ear canals not harmonizing even with the largest included tips. After some tip rolling, I settled for some short, fat wide-bore tips (included in the NiceHCK M6) that generated a good seal.

    These V90s are good...how good needs to be established...but so far I am impressed: smooth, balanced sound, a very pleasant well dosed bottom end with a decent but never overbearing punch, good depth of stage, non-fatiguing. One thing for sure, they are very tip sensitive. Second, I have not heard such a sound signature in this price segment...interesting. Some would say the V90 are "musical". In summary, these are competent earphones and your money won't be wasted.

    A word on the review business. It sometimes can go to your heart. As said, my initial impression had not been positive...and unfortunately I did my first listening test just before going to bed. Spinfits improved the sound a bit by sitting deeper, but the bottom line was not good. I felt really sorry for having to disappoint @KopiOkaya's trust (I don't sugarcoat)...and had a bit of a sleepless falling asleep. In the end, so it turned out the next morning, he had done an excellent job tuning these earphones.

    Photos now on my blog.

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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