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Triton Audio Cables - Highly Recommended!

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  1. Cho Worsh
    +1 David makes great looking and great sounding cables and he gets work done very fast and ships orders out quickly as well. Highly recommended.
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  2. buonassi
    @alpha421 - I wonder if you can recommend a pairing for me for the Rai Penta.

    I'm hoping that your pure copper 24.5 awg litz doesn't attenuate the top octave or warm things up too much. I'd have to think the highs come through a tad more given the larger gauge. How would you describe it compared to the 24.5 SPC?
  3. llamaluv
    Another special order to add to the collection:
    • Neotech UPOCC Solid Core Silver 23AWG, 7 feet
    • Lemo (Utopia), 6.3mm Viablue connectors
    • MDPC sleeving
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  4. buonassi
    (photo credit: triton audio cables)

    24.5 awg litz OCC - hybrid config with SPC on the positive and copper on the ground. Beautiful work David! Thanks for the rec and getting back to me in PM. He was even kind enough to send this pic prior to mailing. I've had it for a week or so and really am enjoying this new cable material and its sound/ergonomics.
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  5. Wes S
    That looks killer!
  6. dawningistheday
    Hi all, I recently had some repairs done on two Phonak PFE 232 cables and David did not disappoint. Really great service and an insanely quick turnaround time. I couldn't be happier with the work done and the communication with David. Highly recommended and I know I will be back for any cable work in the future.
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