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Triton Audio Cables - Highly Recommended!

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  1. CANiSLAYu
    This is long overdue as I've had the cable for about a month, but another satisfied customer here. Excellent service and responsiveness from David as everyone here has mentioned. I had a custom cable built for use with my Audeze LCD-4z. Opted for the SPC wire and went with all Plussound plugs and splitter because I liked the look. The longest part was waiting for those parts to get to David and obviously outside his control. Overall super satisfied with the experience and the cable itself. I'm not a huge fan of heatshrink and David worked to make it all very discrete for the right channel marker, strain relief, etc. It's been a joy to use and looks even better in person. Thank you David!

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  2. alpha421
    In the company of me, myself, and I, we thank you all for your kinds words and patronage.
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  3. ninharu
    20190618_113117.jpg Ordered a custom cable from David. SPC 22 AWG with custom 2 pin and 4.4 mm connectors. Cable turned out great. Build quality is superb. It was a definite upgrade from the stock Effect Audio cable. Turn around from ordering and payment was super quick. Could not be happier with the end product. David was super helpful addressing all my concerns and questions. I very much recommend his company and services.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  4. buonassi
    Bespoke 'reference' 3.5mm se to 2.5 Bal adapter. Neotech OCC litz silver, Teflon wrapped, with fancy schmantzy brand name 'high end' rhodium plated components and some magical solder which has a name I cannot pronounce.

    Once again Dave pulls through! Now I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything sonically when I want to use my SE sources.

    0529191258.jpg 0529191258.jpg
  5. llamaluv
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  6. 8bitmark
    I just received a six foot Triton OCC cable for my Focal Clears and I wish I had found these cables sooner. No microphonics that I can hear despite how much I move around my desk, super flexible, light, and just an incredible turn around time for a custom cable of this quality (ordered late on a Friday and received Wednesday). I'm really blown away by the quality of this cable.

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  7. Wildcatsare1
    Due to this Thread, I ordered the Triton 8 last night for my Solaris and Oriolus Mk.2, really looking forward to listening to David’s work.
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  8. alpha421
    Thank you all!

    I'll be out for 2 weeks on vacation so all orders will be on hold until the 15th of July. I'll still be replying to emails while on vacation.
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    Have a great vacation, my Triton 8 arrived yesterday, it’s beautiful! Sadly, I can’t try it out, the right channel on my Solari died, and te warranty replacement doesn’t get here until Tuesday. When you get back I need to ore a 2.5 to 1/4 adapter. Safe travels!
  10. alpha421
    Will do! Thanks.
  11. KuroKitsu
    Well deserved vacation David, have fun!
  12. CANiSLAYu
    Just an update to my prior post and more Kudos for David. I had a hankering to upgrade my cable from 4 wires to 8 wires and David accommodated me. Wish I ordered it like this from the beginning to save on time and cost (had to ship it back and extra labor from basically having to make two cables and disassembling one). Results are worth it though!

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  13. Wildcatsare1
    Received my replacement Solaris, so finally able to listen my Triton 8 Silver/Copper! It’s balanced, and the excellent Stock Cable isn’t, so it’s not a fair comparison on my Kann. But damn, outside of my head soundstage, it takes the bass of the Solaris to new heights, an incredible blend of extended and smooth treble and powerful bass.
  14. buonassi
    is that the 24.5 awg litz cable David is offering nowadays?
  15. CANiSLAYu
    That’s the one!
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