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Triton Audio Cables - Highly Recommended!

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  1. cycheang
    i need another afer market cable with 4.4mm connector for my Campfire Audio Solaris that can used in my iBasso DX200 (Amp 8). Can you please recommend ?

  2. buonassi
    Obviously we can recommend Triton .... it's an appreciation thread.
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  3. duaned
    Triton 8 OCC to bring out the bass!
  4. KimChee
    I have the Triton 8 OCC Silver cable on my JH Roxannes and it sounds fantastic. Really high quality cable, gave my Roxanne the Treble extension and sparkle I was after and cleaned up the sound, tightened up everything, improved clarity, soundstage depth and instrument separation. The prices are great too.




    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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  5. KuroKitsu
    Gonna chime in here.

    After dealing with some rather expensive cables, I finally got fed up with all the options and add ons to the price tag despite the admittedly small sound quality improvements. (And my impending acquisition of the Phantom)

    I decided to give Triton a try based on the reasonably priced cables and the glowing reviews I heard.

    Ordered 2 of the Triton8, Copper and Hybrid. Thought about it overnight and figured I go for Silver over Hybrid and reached out to David to see if I could change one of the cables. Responded pretty quickly and also gave me a head-fi discount that he would refund or the box-braid for both cables.

    I havent even gotten my cables and Im impressed already!
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  6. KimChee
    More of David’s handywork, Triton 8 OCC Silver...excellent cable!


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  7. silversurfer616
    David made some Utopia/Audeze adapters for me and I am more than happy with the result. Excellent communication, beautiful workmanship/packaging, not to mention the speedy delivery to New Zealand.
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  8. nichino
    Wanted to drop a quick note on my impressions of the Triton8 Hybrid cable which I ordered from @alpha421 recently. I ordered mine in a 4.4mm balanced termination (future-proofing) together with a 4.4mm to 3.5mm SE adapter using the same cable type. I use the cables with my CA Solaris IEMs and IBasso DX150 DAP (Amp7).

    Triton8 Hybrid.jpeg

    The cable is a lot sleeker than I expected and although stiff, fits very well when worn over-ear with my glasses (it's even more comfortable in this aspect than the stock CA Superlitz cables with the memory wire). Microphonics, while present and fairly obvious when no music is playing, is barely noticeable (if at all) once music is being played. All in all, while not as ergonomic in terms of flexibility and microphonics vs the CA Superlitz cables, I have no qualms about using this cable for my daily commute on the subway.

    In terms of sound impressions, I have to admit that I was initially a bit underwhelmed as my immediate impression was that the Solaris seemed less lively and energetic. I listened to it casually for a week or so and sat down for some A/B listening with the CA Superlitz cables. In summary, the Triton8 presents a more balanced sound across the bass-voices-treble spectrum. The less lively and energetic sense I had was due to the CA Superlitz cables slightly emphasizing bass and male vocals. Am also happy that the Triton8 presents a wider soundstage - I compare it to moving from an intimate jazz bar (CA Superlitz) to a concert venue (Triton8).

    Lastly, build quality is fantastic and I really dig the box braid finish. Call me a satisfied customer!

    P.S. Also a big shout out to David for his responsive and impeccable customer service - he patiently fielded my numerous emails and questions till I was ready to take the plunge. Next up, perhaps some replacement cables for my cans? :dt880smile:
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  9. KuroKitsu
    Canada Post said my cables have arrived, a full 2 business days earlier than expected. No duties charged thanks to David agreeing in to write in a lower value for the cables. Looking forward to giving them a try!
  10. KuroKitsu
    Annnnnd here they are! Very tight and well done boxbraid, almost half the sizs of the Aries II 8 that I owe.

    Soundwise: Silver went with Phantom, Copper went with Zeus. 4.4mm termination with a 24.5 Litz Copper pigtail 4.4mm to 2.5mm for my SE100. Lets just say you look at the price of the Triton 8 and do not expect this sound for the price. Usually you would associate this with similar cables in a much higher bracket.
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  11. whirlwind
    David is a wonderful person to deal with...top notch.
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  12. Shiloh65
    Completely agree! David is quick to respond and turns around orders quickly.
  13. erics75
    I've had a few dealings with David and he's top notch! He made a great Pono cable for my ZMF headphones, which looks and sounds great. I also asked him to modify my old beyerdynamic T70 for detachable cables, and he came through big time:

  14. Shiloh65
    I sent my Triton 8 hybrid cable back for a repair to the right connector that was cutting out on me (my fault, no issue with the cable itself) and while it was in transit to David, I placed an order for an adapter made to match my Triton 8 to use with the Sony PHA-3 headphone amp balanced out that I just received. David turned my order around in 1 day with the repaired Triton 8 and the adapter. Can't emphasize how pleased I am with David's knowledge, quick response times and how quickly he ships his order out. Highly recommended as a source for replacement cables.

    Thanks David & Triton Audio Cables!
  15. Sebastien Chiu
    Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to David for re-terminating an effect audio ares ii and rhapsodio dark knight for me when I was on a time crunch. He got them back to me good as new in under a week! The best part was he was super flexible about payment and understanding of paydays!

    Highly recommend him for your cable needs. Will be returning to him again whenever I need to for all things cables.
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