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Triton Audio Cables - Highly Recommended!

  1. SCBob
    I read about David of Triton Cables on this thread and contacted him about repairing and reterminating a nice silver IEM cable I had. I had seen pictures of angled 2-pin connectors and thought they would look and work well. He did a great job with overnight turn around time at a very reasonable price. . well worth it! It is now a 2.5 mm balanced cable sounding great with my AK 320 and Massdrop Nobel K10s. Highly recommended!
  2. HiFlight
    Having known David for a number of years, when I needed a new cable for my RHA CL2, I asked David for his recommendation and after some discussion, we settled on one of his Triton OCC all-copper cables. In 5 days, it was in my hands and is not only a thing of beauty, but is exactly what my CL2 needed to bring out the full potential of this planar IEM. I can recommend David's work without reservation and will defer to him in the future for all my cable needs!

    Triton OCC  cable.jpg
  3. alpha421
    Thank you all. As most probably know, I'm a sleeper in terms of exposure and few words.

    I want to introduce a new value added option for past and future Triton4/8 iems cables only. As much as I wish for more standard and less changes, well we all know that's not possible in this or any other hobby. Setups change and often times, we are left with cables that isn't compatible or left using adapters that may or may not fully satisfy one's need for a unified chain. Thus, for all past and future Triton4 or Triton8 owners (doesn't matter if you're the original or 4th owner), retermination service is half price at $30 (includes CONUS shipping, add $10 for international), which includes labor and my stock connectors. Of course, I can install any type/brand, but these are at cost or owner/new owner supplies them. Happy listening!
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  4. salaca
    Let me join in stating the obvious: first class product, first class service from a very nice person.
  5. alpha421
    Happy Holidays and New Year all!
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  6. whirlwind
    Are these headphone cables and iem cables ?
  7. Shiloh65
    I purchased an IEM cable from them and I highly recommend them.
  8. buonassi
    sure . why not? theres a 4 abd 8 wire version
  9. duaned
    I purchased a cable from him (on-line) over 1 week ago and havent heard a single word from him in relation to the order!
  10. HiFlight
    Perhaps an email to him might be in order as David's customer service is exemplary.
  11. alpha421
    All is well! Thank you all!
  12. John2e Contributor
    I purchased a IEM cable on Friday it was shipped on Monday and there was even a picture of it attached! I must've purchased a dozen after market cables from various vendors in the last 15 years and have not received service that even comes close to Triton. He even gave me a refund of 10% once he found out I was a head-fier.
  13. HiFlight
    For sure David's customer service is truly outstanding! We have bought and sold many items from each other over the years and the transactions have always been flawless in all respects!
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  14. whirlwind
    I bought a balanced occ copper cable from David. What a great person to deal with, communication was top notch and he goes out of his way to please, very professional.
    Thanks again for everything David, it is much appreciated.

    Triton cable.jpeg

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  15. mega
    David re-cabled a pair of headphones for me. Excellent communication every step of the way, and very professional. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!


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