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Triton Audio Cables - Highly Recommended!

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  1. SeeSax
    Hi Folks, 
    Just wanted to drop in and post a thread about Triton Audio Cables because I am blown away by their services, professionalism and speed. Cable repairs and modifications, as you know, can take weeks upon weeks to complete, but David at Triton Audio Cables really helped me out. I had two adapters made (2.5mm TRRS to 1/4" and 3.5mm) and the adapters are absolutely perfect, just what I was looking for. They are entirely contained and do not contain any extension wires, so they offer a very clean interface and signal path. In addition to that, the pricing was a lot less than other sites I have found that offer similar adapters. 
    While chatting with David, I also inquired about converting one of my 8-braid cables from 3.5mm TRS to 2.5mm TRRS. Many others would not attempt this on such an intricate cable, but David was willing and did it for what I believe was an extremely reasonable cost. He also did this repair on two other high-end cables for me and I am over the moon that I can now use these cables with my balanced setup. I thought I would have to sell them and buy balanced cables, but David made them like new and again, I'm so pleased with the work. The cables look and feel like they came this way from the factory with high quality plugs and workmanship. Add to that, it took only a day or two and they were back into my hands within a week! 
    His website is tritonaudiocables.com and he is @alpha421 here on Head-Fi. I have no affiliation with Triton Audio Cables, but I am an extremely happy customer and thought a thread was in order. 
    A few photos of the work that was done: 
    Best wishes, 
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  2. anlh22
    I totally concur with your post about Triton Audio Cables. I also ordered a custom-made 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable from David a few weeks ago and his service was impeccable. He helped me figure out what specifications I needed and sent me pictures of the finished cable before mailing it to me. His pricing is very reasonable given the quality of work. Highly recommend!
  3. LCMusicLover
    I also concur. I ordered a cable from David Thursday afternoon (May 18) and received the completed cable this AM (May 22). I'm very pleased with the quality of the cable as well.

    Also, David was quick to respond to email and very helpful pre-sale.

    Thanks David.
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  4. alpha421
    Thank you for your support. :beerchug:
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  5. Smousesme
    Thought I'd also add here. I was looking for a cable which would enable me to play balanced from my Sony wm1a, and have it amped through my vorzuge. Asked around a few cable makers days before stumbling upon Trition, and the first reply came from Dave XD

    Ordered it 6th June, got it by the 15th! (USA to the UK). Great price for what I got, great dealing with him, if I need a cable, I'm not going anywhere else
  6. bvng3540
    I also concur with everyone above, has my 8 braid cable from 3.5mm TRS to 4.4mm a while back and still work perfect, also his prices also one of the cheapest and his services one of the best and turnarounds time is the BEST out of EVERY cables maker out there, his take in few days not few months like most other, I would highly recommend everyone that looking for a great services from David
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  7. Jussei Contributor
    I figured I should finally chime in on this feedback thread.
    I've probably ordered from David five or six separate times over the last year or two.
    He's great to work with. As others have mentioned, his work is quality and he gets you what you need quickly. He's gone so far as to make me a cable and ship it the same day.
    Finally, the cables/adapters are just as good (or better) than many 'boutique' Ive used that cost multiple times more.
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  8. Blackground
    Ive had the pleasure of working with David only once but I must say the experience was nothing short of quality. I must preface with the fact that I live relatively close to David. I talked to him about recabling my Zen 2.0 earbuds when we were attending a head-fi meet up. There were a few months in between our initial discussion and me finally deciding to follow thru. Once I pulled the trigger I am glad I did. David was very open to and accommodating of my requests for the design. I was lucky enough to hand them off and pick them up the very next day. The service was excellent along with the quality of craftsmanship, not to mention turn around time.

    He recabled my Zen 2.0 with an OCC pure silver 26awg using cardas solder, and eidolic components.

    They look amazing, very happy with final product.


    Thanks again, Triton Audio Cables!
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
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  9. SeeSax
    @Blackground That looks really nice. Awesome that he was able to re-cable the Zen earbuds.

    Thought I would post a photo of Triton's newest cable, the Triton8. It's a hybrid with four braids of copper and four braids of pure silver, for 8 hand-wired braids total. Despite being 8 braids, ergonomics are first rate and it's a small and light cable overall. Quite impressive if you ask me. Here's a photo of it on my favorite IEMs, the S-EM9. The sound of the cable is perfect to me - tons of detail, with a slight warmth in the bottom end from the copper. And it's beautiful to look at being able to see the individual contrasting wires.

    20170616_113104 (Large).jpg

    Thanks for everything you do David!

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  10. fzman Contributor
    I have two of his cables as well. They are quite fairly priced, are a joy to use, and sound very good. I have not done a careful sonic A-B yet, but I am a careful listener, have lots of great gear to listen to, and would know quite quickly if they were not up to snuff-just not yet prepared to give a detailed sonic description of their characteristics. Highly recommended.

    And yes, his service is great and you actually get your cables while you are still young enough to enjoy them....
  11. faithguy19
    I placed an order with David right before Christmas for a retermination and a new Triton8 hybrid cable. His turnaround time was unbelievable. Got them out same/next day and I received it just a couple of days later. Quality of work is superb and customer service was on point. He has earned further business from me. Currently, I am enjoying the Triton8 cable over my Alo Reference 8 with my Vegas.
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  12. buonassi
    Yeah, apparently this is not uncommon. I post these accolades with a little hesitation - because once the secret is out, I'm sure turnaround times will go up. Kidding....Of course I wish David the best of luck with his business and other head-fiers should take note.

    From first contact via email - the responsiveness was outstanding. He built my adapter and shipped it same day. And that's with a 3PM Central payment time. Simply unreal. Now, I don't expect this in the future, but it was nice nonetheless.

    Prices are very fair, materials are good, and workmanship very nice. Sound quality is very good - first hour was a bit warm, but became more neutral the more I listened. Now, other than staging differences (going from BAL to SE), I can't even tell this is in my chain. This was not the case with the cheap Fiio adapter I was using which presented a bit of lower treble harshness.

    IMG_20180917_143318.jpg IMG_20180917_143415.jpg IMG_20180917_143716.jpg
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  13. fzman Contributor
    David is awesome! I have several of his cables and adaptors-they sound great, are well made, and are very good ergonomically. Highly recommended. And, he ships quick which is important for the patience-challenged such as myself.
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  14. Turdski
    Lemme also chime in to say that I’m also very much a fan of his work! Super friendly/pleasant to deal with, prompt communication, quick turn around time, very good prices, quality work... rather “high end without the high end prices”.
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  15. buonassi
    Another great product from Triton Audio Cables. I insisted David take his time with this order, but he wasn't hearing it and crafted/shipped promptly after receiving my payment.
    IMG_20181003_174428.jpg IMG_20181004_223441.jpg

    My plussound exo copper T6 (last gen) warmed up my 64 U10s a bit too much. I realized it immediately, but thought I'd adjust - nope. When switching back to the stock 64 SPC cable I realized the top octave was back on display and the extension was there, but resolution and control was lacking - a slightly brittle sound. I had a bit of regret after ordering a simple OCC copper cable from Triton and expected the same sound I got from my plussound - I ordered it because I was curious, really and had a good experience with an adapter I'd previously bought from him. But I was actually elated when I heard the Triton 4 conductor. All the extension was there, just a bit smoother - with added control and resolution. Exactly what I was looking for.

    The angled, near-flush 2 pins are very ergonomic for the 64's, plus there is zero bulk. The cable has enough conductive mass to control the drivers well without being a pain to wear. Nothing exotic... just a darn good cable and perfect pair up for these IEMs, extracting about as much out of them as I imagine is possible. And it was achieved by way of sane pricing.

    Highly recc'd
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