triplefi cables - Are they really that horrible?
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Jul 23, 2012
 I was reading Amazon and lots of feedback in regards to how sucky the cables are.
The phones will be staying at work and will be probably be using 50/50 with my Den D7000.
Thanks! :)
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There is a lot of chatter about replacement cables in the triple fi thread.

Something about dark lord being a good one.

Check it out, Jim
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OK thanks. I did search the forums but didn't fine one of those appreciation thread.

Here's the thread.

it's absolutely huge, you will be lost forever reading.

The stock cable is horrible, it's memory wire ear hooks are shocking for comfort and you can achieve better sound quality using upgrade cables, comfort increases and over all durability.

If you want to upgrade check out some of sunrickys cables.
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For what it's worth, I loved the cable.  I thought it was the right thickness and I liked the fact that it was tangle proof.  Never had problems with it.
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Do you have to wear these earbuds over the ear? I haven't been wearing it like that because my westone epic cable makes it very uncomfortable to do so. Does any body have similar experiences with the westone epic cable?
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I made a post about some cables I got made for my SF3 and TFs.
I wouldn't call the standard OE normal cable that that bad, but the Vi cable is atrocious! It strangles the output causing the whole sound to be muffled and vague. I never really noticed until recently, I now have 2 new Vi cables I've got to get shot of.
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the stock cables are pretty bad lol.
they look cheap, aren't flexible, and have this really weird memory thing going on near the connector
i'd recommend buying 3rd party cables
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Chris Himself Cables FTW
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The stock cables has it's good and bad, but the bad lead to it's own demise in my case. I like the thickness and it seemed durable. The bad is it had no flexibility, it was like a big memory wire. When I uncurled it after taking it out of the case it came with the cable would look like a wire twisty tie that I would have to manually straighten to a reasonable listening shape or it'll be poking me in the face because of all the bent angles. Through this process of daily use the wire went bad after 6 months. I know it was because I was pulling on it everyday to straighten it out but what was I to do? So, I like it but I hate it too. 
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Yeh pretty much exactly what blikkem said. If i don't have to i try not to put them in the case at all because after you coil them up, it takes such an effort to manually straighten them. That being said, they look and feel bombproof which i guess is always a plus.

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