Triplefi 10vi - about 2 hours total on them - Have been sent to Ebay
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Oct 1, 2009
Hey all,
I bought these just this morning from someone locally that had kept them sealed since the Amazon deal last December.  After a few hours of fiddling, I simply can't get a good seal in my right ear which is shaped completely different from my left.  Having gone through similar problems before, I'm not going to sink money into these to try to make them work - I'd rather sell them off or just trade for something else.
That said, I broke the seal on these just this morning and they have a total of about 2 hours of listening on them and are in mint condition.  The package includes the IEMs (of course!) and all original accessories - two sets of Comply foams, one pair of each S+L silicone tips, and 2 sets of M tips (not entirely sure why there were two sets, but that's what was in the box this morning).  
*Note: The only small issue is a rip of the box at the top (not pictured) since I was a bit of an excited ape in opening them this morning.  No IEMs were harmed in the opening of this package.


Sorry if the pictures aren't the best - the camera on my HTC Evo is pretty good, but not great for close-ups.  If anyone needs better images feel free to ask.
I'm not looking to profit here at all, just to get something I can enjoy listening to and/or recoup what I spent on the TF10's.  'phones have been sent to ebay.  Willing to ship outside of the US, but the cost is going to increase a little bit.  I'd also be interested in other IEMs for trade.  Feel free to either PM me, reply here, or send an email to my username @ with any inquiries/offers/etc.

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