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I searched and found this:

50% discount was for Delta and Air buyers who wanted to "upgrade" and is applicable on everything on the site, but one use coupon. the ICARUSI coupon is for the 10£ Icarus I to "make amends"...

"As the vast majority of you have been immensely patient and understanding we feel that we must offer a small token of apology. So we have decided that for those whom have pre-ordered the Master 6, Hunter and Atlas Delta will be offered a Icarus I bluetooth DAC module when they become available in around 8-12 weeks time for just the cost of shipping should you wish to get one. To do so once we open for order you will simply need to enter code (CENSORED) at the checkout. This offer applies to those that have received their order as well as those waiting. This order can be placed now if you so wish even though it shows unavailable or you can wait until the reveal."
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@Bobtrinity since the 3 bore will not be available now. Will they be available in the future?

Are you designing these so that they would fit in the existing phantom line up?

Also when available are these filters alone be available to purchase or exchange?

Thanks and best to you and your family.


The 3 bore design was purely down to using armature dampers but we ended up making our own new dampers . So we wont be doing 3 bore as there is no need.

Filters fit all large bore filter models but will take be available for a little while yet as separate purchase.
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Hi Bob, the code CENSORED don't work. Was there a set time frame to get one as i have pre ordered thevAtlas Delta?



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