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  1. lukito09
    phantom master with 6 driver configs pleasee youd have my money right away lol :)
    im really liking the way things profress it wont be hard for me to pick between the pure and bass anymore and i believe push pull driver might give better bass presentation as well

    also i have got some questions

    so you say it will have short and long filter does that mean we will get 10 set of filters in total??
  2. audio123
    if this is better than flc8s, im completely sold
  3. Walderstorn
    Guess not, was looking forward to...
    I hope so.
    I have the same doubt.
  4. Bobtrinity
    The phantoms will have 10 pairs of filters, 5 standard lenght, 5 long length. Filter diameter are the same as Atlas and will be interchangeable with Atlas.

    Dont be dissapointed about the 6 BA driver version as its all about the sound and the phantom master will be better in every respect.
  5. Bobtrinity

    One of our testers has these i think
  6. B9Scrambler
    I'm on board for the Sabre. They sound amazing. You guys got me. It's not a tip-mounted micro dd, but how can you say no to push-pull tech?
    Neotribal likes this.
  7. Walderstorn
    Because of different lenght i will expect different sound signatures between them, right?!
    Cool i still hope it will be 6 drivers hybrid, unless it protrudes to much being universal fit and all.
  8. vic2vic
    I was not sure which one to pick between Pure and Bass.
    Now problem solved: one Phantom Master for me, please [​IMG] 
  9. slowpickr
    I may have missed it, but can the Sabre/Master be worn cable down?
  10. Executer
    I was also very interested in the Pure and Bass models.
    Now  the decision is much more easy :wink:
    Its nice that you inform us about this, and that this decision is made before releasing the product, and half a year later releasing a upgraded version.
  11. Bobtrinity

    After these we will not be releasing any new models for a long time.

    We will just finesse current models.
    canali likes this.
  12. lukito09

    @Bob would you confirm that the sabre /master would be very comfortable even if i use it with my head on the pillow?? :)
  13. audio123
    @Bobtrinity honestly hoping the phantom master will be mindblowing
  14. Bobtrinity

    I will take a picture and show you how it fits even in my tiny ears tomorrow.
  15. Bobtrinity

    To me it is, time will tell :)
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