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  1. Bobtrinity

  2. Midgetguy
    Damn, was looking forward to seeing what a Trinity-made 6-BA was gonna be like. But I trust Bob's ability to make a good IEM so now I'll be looking forward to the Phantom Master!
    @Bobtrinity, so since you listed the that the Phantom Master is gonna be similar in form factor to the Sabre, are you able to give any slight specifics? Like, by similar, is the Phantom Master only going to be slightly larger than the Sabre? And for reference, can you tell me what the diameter of the Sabre shell is?
  3. Bobtrinity

    I will get back to you on Monday with some measurements.

    The diameter will only be marginally bigger than the Sabre.
  4. Podster
    Why do I feel like I'm going to get into trouble in here:smirk:
    Bob A (SD) and Neotribal like this.
  5. Neotribal
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. HiFlight
    How can I say no to the Phantom??? Easy, I can't!
  7. mikaveli06
    Do you feel the master will be able to be driven by your Bluetooth cable, or will it need more power?
  8. dullknives
    @Bobtrinity any chance these filters (specifically the long length) will retro-fit the atlas?  the sabre pic looks like the same design but possibly a wider diameter.  the delta filters are just too wide for me personally while the atlas filter's narrower diameter feel fine.
  9. merc05
    It could have been me who mentioned the filter depth on the Atlas as I've been having some issues with fit and suggested that (being used to deeper fitting IEMs like some of the Etymotic range) it could be something to do with the length/width of the Atlas filters. It's great to see Bob listening to customer feedback, I always think that's the sign of an excellent company!
    Sign me up for a pair of the Phantom Master [​IMG]
  10. alpha421
    I believe Kumitate Labs from Japan beat ya to the first push/pull hybrid with their REF model.  Regardless, that Phantom Sabre looks mighty interesting.
  11. swannie007
    It would sure be nice if the longer filters fitted the Atlas' as that is my only concern with them. I am not used to a shallow insertion earphone and find it difficult to get a good seal without discomfort to my ear canals as I have to push them in as far as I can and can only use them for a limited time compared to my other items. Here's hoping. 
    Bob, these are sure looking good mate and I can't wait to hear them.
    Cheers from Oz.
  12. Bob A (SD)
    The Sabre STILL has my attention.  The new Master as well.  VERY interesting developments!
  13. hongky
    Comparison between Sabre and ATH CKR series would be interesting. Can't wait for initial review.
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    So there will be no Phantom Pure with only BA drivers anymore?
  15. audio123
    Wonder how the Phantom Master is compared to FLC8S.  Based on what I have read, Phantom Master will be a mixture of ATH-CKR10 and ATH-CK100 pro
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