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  1. Jeffreyy
    20191110_212111.jpg If anyones wondering the phantom hunter praised as a 5 driver per side iem with 4 balanced armature drivers only has 2 dynamics. Thats it. What a complete scam this company is.
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  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    I had a feeling it was a dual dynamic. Lol. At least I got one. Some guys didnt even get these dual dynamics.
  3. sejsel
    Was - is - as it has taken (presumably and very likely) another form, in the shape of the company that is very thorough in sending the offers for their current IEMs with rebates, B-stock items, dropped prices on the limited nr. of items, etc. , etc., etc.
    The offers are sent regularly via email, to the former Trinity customers, who have never dealt with nor purchased anything from this new company.
    Same former Trinity customers, put on the new company's email list, people that were severely lied to by Trinity, repeatedly, cheated of money for products that were not only never delivered, but some products even never produced, despite being sold in advance and advertised.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  4. mashuto
    Im amazed this thread is still alive, even if just barely. I am glad I was able to get some refunds back in the day before they went completely belly up. But I do feel bad for some of those buying into IMR. I know some even seem to really love their products. But they also get super defensive every time anyone mentions trinity. I just see the same patterns re-emerging there. Pre-orders for products that dont exist. Its all the same crap, paying up front to fund products that dont and may never exist. The RAH seems like the worst of the bunch. Its a limited run, it doesnt exist yet, its only being sold on preorder, and somehow its still sold at a "discount" price. How can you have a discount price on a product you are never ever going to sell at its "normal" price. I do hope those who are still buying from IMR dont get scammed, but I certainly wont be one of them.
  5. Darkestred
    Glad i never received any of those emails from his new company. I bought a few items from Trinity.
  6. nealh
    Wow. Sad to see the same issues at IMR. Not a chance you could get me to buy anything from Bob or any company he is associated with.
    The shenanigans that went are were terrible. Now more of the same. They were warned.
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  7. mashuto
    To be fair.... As far as I know, IMR has delivered on everything they have sold so far. Its just that its looking very similar to some of the same tactics that were used with trinity. Which I think in part led to a lot of the issues with trinity. I cant speak for certain, but it always felt like they would do these preorders at "discounted" prices to get people interested, but couldnt actually produce the product for their initial estimates, so they would go on to create more products to sell for preorder to fund the outstanding orders, and the cycle repeated until it couldnt repeat anymore.

    At least with IMR that hasnt seemed to be the case, but seeing this limited run, preorder only product that sells for a discount of a full price that it will never sell for anyways just feels like the same, and is disingenuous. If something is only ever sold for the sale price, thats not a sale price, thats just the price. But people are buying them... a product that nobody has ever heard, and they ran to do it because as a limited time thing, its the only chance to get one.
  8. nealh
    I get what your saying but that is a slippery slope and you won’t get me on it. You know the old adage....
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me
    My dealings with Bob just never felt right....thankfully my CC company came through
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  9. mashuto
    Im right there with you. I have found myself somewhat interested in the IMR iems, but will never buy one after being burned with all the Trinity stuff.

    To me, Bob always came across as decent... until after trinity ended. What struck me is that he was always presented as the face of the company, always acted like he was in charge, it was his new venture. Every interaction with him here on the forum gave that impression. Then after everything went down, the story very quickly changed to him only being contracted to design some of their products and it definitely wasnt his company, and that he had no part in anything that happened... As for the truth... I dont know. I have seen some of the documents thrown around, and I dont know. Regardless, I wont be trusting him with any of my money going forward.

    I got suckered in for a while, ended up with 2 sort of ok products (vyrus with filters that didnt screw in right, and master which was ok at best), 1 horrible product (phantom master 4 was the worst sounding piece of crap I have ever heard) and was lucky enough to get a refund on the phantom master 6 I had on order that obviously was never going to actually get made (I know a few random ones are circulating around out there). So, I call that a lesson learned, and luckily one that wasnt too expensive. Stay away from Bob, and dont order products that dont exist, at least, only do it from companies that are trustworthy.... then again, trinity certainly seemed trustworthy at first too.

    Man... its been years and it still frustrates me. Oh well.
  10. Hans-NL
    Yeah, my advice as well is to stay away from Bob and his 'trustworthy' stories, unfortunately I learned it the hard way and lost quite some money on him, never received anything and of course to late to get help from my CC company. I really hope I never have to deal with him again.
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  11. nealh
    I did not lose money got out b4 that but the experience dealing with him/trinity was terrible. And I still have a very sour taste over it and can’t trust him or any company he is associated with no matter how good the product is. Although I saw all the IMR reports and ? Things but in the end I said not me.
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  12. wilberforce55
    Ive lost a shedload of money on Kickstarter projects, my biggest loss ($ because i ordered 2 of them) and regret is Trinity Airs.

    I get the dodgy kickstarters out of asia, my toaster that was going to print things on bread (what was i thinking backing that one) , the many iphone lighting/headphone splitters i backed that never arrived. Etc

    But Trinity was a reputable British band, it had a great reputation, and it was ll a fraud. I have throuwn out most of my dodgy kickstarter projects (and there are a lot) but i keep the two pairs of airs on my desk, as a warning not to back kickstarter projects again. Thank god I got CC refunds for the (completely) fraudulent DAP they never even produced, and another pair of IEMs i ordered and never received
  13. xoxiax
    What makes angry is that this guy could continue with his commercial activities owing thousands of dollars/pounds/euros.
    Shame on us, all the scammed ones, that we couldn't organize a legal action. Really frustrating.
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