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  1. Karendar
    Ok. So What. I can't believe it was THAT easy to fix the phantom Airs.. crack open the shell, add an extra layer of conductive copper sticker (or two, or three, as long as it's thick enough to push down the pogo pins), glue the shell back on and signal is perfect unless you cup your hands over the buds. I tested it for now by folding up the copper material on both sides and it works great. I'll do a cleaner job of it once I stop by my electronics shop.

    All this nonsense for THIS?! I'm highly dissapointed they didn't even bother. Just proves that they do IEM design, outsource building of products and never bother repairing it themselves.

    Oh and electrical tape might have saved them from frying their boards. They have live wiring inside the IEM. Sheesh... 20180323_000713.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
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  2. BeatMy808s
    Thanks for posting that Tommy.

    So, I just emailed Notice Before Action regarding Trinity not paying for work I did. Settled on Hunters and me sacrificing a decent chunk of money. I didn’t mind as had a great relationship with Bob. I’ve told Kieran, I consider him equally culpable as he’s messed me around for months that I will be naming him on the court papers as an individual.

    Oh, I have lots I could say... That dropmenow site was a great find Tommy :wink:
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  3. BeatMy808s
    There’s lots they have in the pipeline, all involving punters money. Not hard to speculate dissolve one company, screwing people in the process, make new company at same location, rinse and repeat ad nauseum...
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  4. Walderstorn
    Wow, Just wow.
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  5. Midgetguy
    Right? My thought was totally just send me SOMETHING, anything that constitutes getting something for the money I paid, even it's a damn brick.

    You MUST give me some step-by-step instructions with how to open these up and fix the electronics: signal, wire insulation, whatever is needed to fix them properly, at least better than they've done. If I ever get a tracking number and have mine show up, this will be useful information to have fully laid out because I'm electronic hardware DIY inept :p. And by copper sticker, do you mean something like this?
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  6. harpo1
    You can use a razor blade to open them. Opened mine and found one of the spring loaded pins just laying there. I have the equipment to solder it back on but not sure I have the eyesight to do it anymore.
  7. Karendar
    Razor blade or thin pry tool. Just jam it in the crack on the top of the earbud (You'll see a little slit) and pry.

    Once it's popped opened, the cheap adhesive they use will be dead. So you have to reglue it back. Don't think any soldering is required, to be honest.

    @Midgetguy - Yes, copper foil with conductive adhesive, very important. I was gonna order a spindle from Amazon with two-sided tape to repair cell phones in order to glue it back. :)
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  8. Watermelon Boi
    So they've got themselves into this mess, struggling for something that could simply be fixed with a piece of foil?

    Now that makes me think that anybody other than Bob had zero knowledge on audio engineering but only know outsourcing.. lol

    I thought Air and Phantom 6/Master were the main reasons why they got screwed, but it seems like they weren't even trying to get things fixed. Ridiculous.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  9. Midgetguy
    I'll look into it when I get mine, assuming I ever get mine. Done on both shells or just the right shell (which I believe is the master)?
  10. Karendar
    Both shells is your best bet. They use the same pogo pins and the same copper foil, but their pin placement is different.
  11. voxie
    No offence members.. but jeez this situation is beyond logical.. one has to do a DIY and personally fix a flagged flaw without any come back from the seller (Manufacturer) The mind boggles.
  12. harpo1
    Soldering is required when one of the pins is not adhered to the circuit board anymore.
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  13. Karendar
    Ahh I did not understand that from your post! Sorry :frowning2: That sucks BAD. Takes pretty steady hands for soldering something like that... Personally, I used to do soldering a lot before. I did some recently and realized how unsteady my hands are now
  14. Midgetguy
    TAE hasn't acted appropriately in nearly 2 years, none of us are expecting them to start now. So if we get anything at all and if it's broken, we've got better chances fixing it ourselves rather than going back to them. Yeah, the entire situation is a botched job, all we can do now is pick up what pieces we can to recoup what we can.

    Yours definitely requires soldering since it's in worse shape. Seem's @Karendar only had to fix the contact issue. I'm hoping mine is the same as I think I have steady enough hands, but I don't have a precise enough soldering iron.
  15. Karendar
    Anything sent back for repair to Trinity is at our own expense, this is a crowdfunding item and a lot of people who sent back items for repair are now in limbo and will probably never get their repairs back. The small number of people who did get some back had half repaired items.

    Welcome to Trinity, where life is amazeballs.

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