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  1. bjaardker
  2. BeatMy808s
    I cannot find an entry for IMR Acoustics on Companies House. So it’s possible it hasn’t been registered yet, or I suck. I think it’s the former.

    Yes, it seems like IMR is currently operating as a sole trader. The good thing about this is Bob is personally responsible for monies. Hence you can sue him as a person, not as a company.

    If IMR gets registered as a company this all disappears as limited companies can dissolve owning ££££ and the poor people who ordered goods/awaiting refunds get screwed. Hi Trinity, cough.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  3. Karendar
    The eagle has landed... Phantom Air order is at the post office. Will pick them up in the next following days.
    .... Unless the box contains pieces of coal with a letter saying "Sucker!" :p
  4. Midgetguy
    I didn't get a tracking number, but I should hopefully be in the same boat as you at some point. Emailed Kieran last week, got the message about only having orange/white and gold/white colors so I was like whatever, just send a pair, I don't even care anymore if it's the color I ordered. Lemme know how your tinkering with it goes. Please document with pictures and whatnot if you start doing a teardown on it to fix it! :D

    So to those who don't know, here's another reason why people aren't getting things shipped to them even if they DO have stock. Because if you think about it, why do they have orange/white and gold/white Air units laying around while other colors don't exist and haven't shipped? Shouldn't they be shipping these out to people that backed for orange/white or gold/white? Kieran asked for my shipping details and I countered with "don't you have that info?" And his response is that they have it stored on the site, which is down (right....down.....for the past 3 months......sure), so they don't have access to it. If y'all still have any chance at getting your money back, DO IT, otherwise, I hope you kissed it goodbye knowing you may not end up with anything in return when you signed up/ordered.
  5. Tommy C
    What a canned response as usual.
    They always used Shopify as a platform.
    Their account is still active as they use it for the IMR gig.
    Glad to see you guys getting something at least.
  6. BeatMy808s
    I know for a fact the only part of the Trinity site taken down is anything customer facing.

    Orders, shipping details are working and accessible to Trinity.
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  7. OopsWrongPlanet
    Are you suggesting that somebody is lying here? That would be a real shocker LOL ...
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  8. Tommy C
    Just did a Google search and came across this. First time seeing it and it’s most likely something new/ in the works.
    It has Trinity’s email address...

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  9. hernandoco
    Hey, they gotta do what they gotta do. If scamming others to fund my PM6 works, then, sorry potential customers, I want my money's worth of product. At this point, I don't care what scam they come up with next. I just want my stuff.
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  10. Tommy C
    I know you must be frustrated but you’re basically saying you don’t care others lose money as long as you get your stuff?
    Or maybe you should ask yourself, could this be avoided if I had cancelled my order when I had the chance.
    Still, I know you’re upset but it’s such a selfish thing to say. I hope you were joking really.
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  11. hernandoco
    Unfortunately for me there were no chances. I'm a KS backer so I'm guaranteed loss. I asked for a refund when Bob first disappeared.

    I was partly joking. What I meant was, I don't care what they do at this point. I'm already at a loss. Do whatever they need to get it done.
  12. Watermelon Boi
    So they're either trying to restore their Trinity website or just move on to something new. Absolutely ridiculous if latter is the case.
  13. Karendar
    I have the airs... Orange and white are actually nice looking. Case is pretty basic, but functional. They cut off... Obviously. But only on the right side. Cracked them open, they use two pogo pins as a contact to a cheap piece of metal on the backplate, hence the poor antenna contact. Will try and mod them to see if I can fix the antenna.

    Sound quality is otherwise as I expected from Trinity. They're super light weight and fit well in ear. They also come with a bunch of filters in a twist metal tube and in a ziplock bag... some are long bore, somr are short. Will try them out on the IMR R1's.
  14. nealwm
    I did the same and got a reply requesting my address and original color choice but since it has been such a long time I said send whatever they had available. So we will see what if anything is sent...I am crossing my fingers though!
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  15. nealwm

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