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  1. bjaardker
    Nah, like I said. Anyone with any knowledge of how to do stuff is gone at this point. So you've got someone with no clue on how to update a website trying to make changes because they're the last person left on that sinking ship.

    That, or they neglected to pay their shopify bill.
  2. lbritish
    Shopify is so someone's grandmother can run a store..... It's not rocket science.... Shopify doesn't turn off pages unless you don't pay or you violate ToS.....
  3. lbritish
    Perhaps....TECHNICALLY can't run a store anymore because the credit card processor refused to charge anything ganymore due to all the complaints and chargebacks....
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  4. Karendar
    God dammit, STOP MESSING UP, TRINITY! Deliver my PM6 before you DIE. :frowning2: ***!
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  5. Stenso
    I am the chap who visited the premises and I am the chap that posted my new arrivals yesterday (PM6), I'm not the only one that has received parcels recently, so there is some movement.
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  6. lbritish
    Just looked back through my email.... Ordered direct from website 19 ish months ago... Apparently it helps to show up at the office because I still have no product... No tracking.... And my emails are now ignored.....
  7. Walderstorn
    I have been coming just once every 3 or 4 weeks and i was fortunate to see that unicorn eheh.

  8. wilberforce55
    A4B177B6-60AF-4276-BD8A-71C1849D61D5.png A4B177B6-60AF-4276-BD8A-71C1849D61D5.png
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  9. Karendar
    Hey, don't think you answered my question? Where did you buy the PM6? Off KS/IGG or website? And date you received it?
  10. sejsel
    I remember; what speaks for what you are saying is that the dates for the shippping of the products (Icarus line and Phoenix and one more - Phantom X, I believe) were stated all of the sudden at the product pages.
    And just when that has occured, the website goes down for maintenance or due to the technical problems, whatever they might be, and people - cannot blame them - us - start twitching.

    I really hope there is and will be some movement, I dare not to speculate on why the website is (hopefully temporarily) down, and it goes without saying that Trinity are not, in the eyes of some (most) of the customers helping themselves by lack of communication (straight and clear communication).
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  11. Stenso
    Thanks, they are worth the wait. I know that is no compensation if you haven't got them yet, but given twenty hours burn they sound awesome. I am using the gold filters and playing through my Violectric DAC/AMP. I will try to write something up in the near future.
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  12. Stenso
    I answered you the other day, I bought from the website and I received it yesterday.
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  13. Karendar
    Sorry, my brain is fried I guess! Worst part: I looked in your previous posts quickly before replying to ensure I wasn't crazy. :D #FailAtMe
  14. Karendar
    Well... I'm now the owner of an IMR R1... Hopefully Trinity will deliver my PM6 so I can pawn it off as quickly as possible.
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  15. Stenso
    No worries, it happens to all of us!!

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