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  1. Stenso
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  2. Martin Howell
    Are these PM6 and have they turned up recently?
  3. Karendar
    Date received
    Site of purchase (KS, IGG, trinity website)
  4. rhermi
    Received Master 6 just before Xmas and Hunters today. Had replies from Kieran on email. These wee long delayed (approx 12-13months) orders direct from the Trinity website. Hope that helps someone.
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  5. Watermelon Boi

    Trinity website is currently down. May this be a simple maintenance process or..?
  6. bjaardker
    I dunno, maybe someone should call them and ask. :-D
  7. wilberforce55
    Probably like apple, they take the website down when they are about to make a big announcement

    "The Phantom Air 2 !!!"

    Lighter than the original, so light you wont even know you are holding it
    Made with the same material's as Wonder woman's plane, so you wont be able to see them
    And to preserve your hearing, we have reduced the maximum decibles, so you cant hear them

    Normal retail GBP200, but for early birds GBP100

    Please send us your money soon and we will get them out to you immmediately
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  8. lbritish
    more like:

    Option A - Shopify suspended them for not shipping product
    Option B - Shopify suspended them for not paying the bill
    Option C - They got hacked
    Option D - They turned it off themselves....
  9. dave9527
    Option E - too many refund cases
  10. dave9527
    Would anyone in UK call to their phone? Or simply just place a visit them?
  11. sejsel
    Phone was not working for few days, those who called got no answer, visit was payed by one headfier few months ago, and it was said that it would be repeated around this time.
    I wouldn't go into speculation about the website being "taken down", could be a number of things.

    A (bit) shame (well, this is a groce understatement) that this happens after yesterday's update about aproximated shippping dates for Icarus and Phantom Xs (18. februari) published at the product pages.
  12. wilberforce55
    Their recent tweet and my response
  13. dave9527
  14. BigAund
    Next week, guaranteed!
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  15. lbritish
    Technical issues.....with delivering product....

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