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  1. Tommy C
    Trinity’s stakeholders benefited greatly from all those KS campaigns and pre-orders.
    Someone who lives in their county/ region should take it to the local media.
    There is nothing to lose at point.
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  2. bjaardker
    So at this point I'm not even sure that Kieran is still Kieran anymore. Unless Kieran is family or someone working without pay, I would suspect that it's just the last person on the boat answering emails here and there hoping to sucker someone else in or waiting for some sort of payoff then closing shop.
  3. hernandoco
    Maybe Kieran is the UK equivalent of "Hey Alexa" or "Ok Google". Except his responses are limited to "next week" "currently shipping" or "waiting for stock".
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  4. Midgetguy
    I like to think Alexa and OK Google are more blunt and honest though. Like, from them, your response would be more like "I'm sorry, I don't know how to help with that". No more useful, but you could at least say it didn't lie to you :p
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  5. hernandoco
    "Ok Kieran, what's the status of my order."

    "Playing next week's episode of Law and Order"

    "What... Ok Kieran, WHAT IS THE STATUS OF MY ORDER".

    "Here's the weather forecast for next week in Boulder"

    "OMG... Ok Kieran, refund my order"

    "... I'm sorry, I don't know how to help with that".

  6. sososerious
    Information needed:

    Basic timeline
    Money they have accrued from KS and approximation for web orders (based on the figures Bob was giving out)
    Examples of some of the (legitimate and evidenced) lies and/or deceit.
    Approximation on how many have actually received products.
    To be fair: we should also point out some of the more tangible reasons for some delays, the issues with manufacturing and the feedback after the initial batch of Airs went out, etc.

    If anyone wants to put this together I will put it across to the Derby telegraph and some other local news providers to see if they want to call me back about it, let's be honest none of the bigger newspapers would be interested.

    I would put it together myself but I've sunk enough of my time and effort into this already, I'm only waiting on Airs so I've got less in this than many.

    To be honest, as soon as I get my airs I am unsubscribing to all these TA threads and not looking back, putting this down as a tragic fall from grace for a company (and team) I held in high regard. I simply can't believe this is how it has all panned out, it's senseless.
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  7. fastbuck
    who was able to visit their offices? i guess it's time for another one to see if it isn't all boarded up... the website still has the closed until january 3rd info. what a company!
  8. Torment
    I see all the estimated shipping dates for the Icarus line, phoenix, and X-series are now
    Feb '18
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  9. HungryPanda
    where did you get this info?
  10. Karendar
    They edited the product page of their IEM's... Written at the bottom just above the add to cart button
  11. HungryPanda
    Ah I see, thanks
  12. Watermelon Boi
    I don't see "estimated shipping" or "pre-production" description for Phantom 6 and Hunter.. could this possibly mean that they actually have those on stock?
  13. wilberforce55
    That cant be right, Keiran told me they were about to ship in September. Are you suggesting he lied to me?
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  14. wilberforce55
    I think anyone interpreting anything from these crooks in terms of actuality or anything else that resembles reality or the truth from what they say, write or publish on their website should really take a long hard look at themselves
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  15. hernandoco
    What... I was supposed to get mine March 2017. Was I lied to as well?!?!

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