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  1. sososerious
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  2. sososerious
    ***Holds hand up***

    My county too, must be something in the water. We all fell for TA's bullcr@p.

    Edit: I can't type tonight, first a quote fail and then a copy and paste fail. I'm going to bed.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  3. originalsnuffy
    When I get tired of our President, Trinity bashing will do for me.
  4. bk123
    Just got a confirmation from Kieran regarding phone line. It is dead due to storm. it will be fixed soon.
  5. nealh
    Seems like another excuse
    bjaardker likes this.
  6. bk123
    I don't think so.
  7. chasolla
    I got an email from Kieran this morning.
    Still not refunded me on my Icarus IV's though.

    The website still says that they'll be back 3/1/18

    Eleanor was nothing special, a bit breezy, but that's all and it only really affected the West Coast, nowhere near Trinity.
    Caused a very high tide near me which came higher than a few houses flood defences but nothing major.

    The unnamed storm in late November caused a lot more flooding.

  8. bk123
    Actually Kieran didn't say that the phone line was dead due to storm. As it was not working and I heard Storm news, I assumed it was due to this.
    My apologies for this confusion.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  9. bjaardker
    When phones start getting disconnected, the end is nigh.
  10. Jackpot77
    That really can't be a great sign.
  11. alan_g
    Approximate shipping date is AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017

    still on the website for Icarus iv...
    bjaardker likes this.
  12. OldDude04
    Well, they did say "approximate", lol.
  13. HungryPanda
    As long as I'm still alive it would make me happy, even if technology has advanced way above those products. I am actually swamped with these damn ear thingies right now
  14. Midgetguy
    Look, they can update that and lie to everyone all at once or they can leave it as is and have Kieran just lie to people individually when asked. Makes the lie feel more sincere that way. Gotta keep up that individual attention style of customer service; wouldn't wanna be lazy about it.
  15. hernandoco
    Well that's another way of looking at it. At least Kieran is lying consistently.

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