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  1. bjaardker
    Does it just ring without answer, or is it disconnected?
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  2. bk123
    There is no ring. I get the automated message "This number is not available"
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  3. HungryPanda
    Storm Eleanor has wreaked a bit of havoc in the UK since yesterday, loss of power, lines down in quite a few areas so that could be it
  4. bk123
    Let's hope that is the case. and pray for safety of the people there.
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  5. Karendar
    When did you call though? Their site says they were closed until Jan 3rd... With the storm, they might have pushed that one day :p
  6. bk123
    I called yesterday and today as well; didn't get any reply of my email as well.
    Now I think it may be due to the storm which I was not aware of earlier.
  7. MIBUK
    Joe Watts looked into the KS project almost everyday, but the last login was Dec 14th. So, we’all see, although they did try to launch the Airs on Indiegogo just before Xmas or soon after. Although that was taken away soon after. Who knows what is going on, but it’s not the actions of a smooth operation.
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  8. Martin Howell
    Whilst it may have wrecked a little havoc on people, Storm Eleanor wasn't that bad, only c.750 homes without power across the midlands (where they are based) and no one killed (in the whole uk). Unfortunately a couple of people were killed in mainland Europe.
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  9. HungryPanda
    There was one person killed and a woman in critical condition
  10. Martin Howell
    Was there? Bugger I missed that one, hadn't noticed that on the news.
  11. sososerious
    This is the UK where leaves on the track and the wrong type of snow stop our train services. We don't need deaths for a storm to mess up our little island.

    As an update some may know I managed to get my (website order) PM6's last year but I am still waiting on my AIRs. I had a bit of a pop at them in my last email before Xmas, I had been getting (pretty useless) replies up to that but after quite brashly requesting a bit of truth and honesty for Christmas we have radio silence again.

    Emailed again this year but not heard back since.
  12. HungryPanda
    Yes a tourist has been pulled from the water in Truro and died in hospital
  13. Martin Howell
    That's unfortunate, last I heard she hadn't died.

    Now trains are a different matter, had my service heavily disrupted on Tuesday night whilst trying to get back from Southampton. That one was a whole tree on the line, so I'll let Southern off for that one.

    If I lived anywhere near the midlands I'd pop along and pay them a visit to see if the lights are on, but it would appear I share a county with @HungryPanda
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  14. HungryPanda
    Yes what a storm it delayed my Amazon delivery by an extra day
  15. Karendar

    Poor storm... Always getting blamed. :\

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