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  1. Monsoon
    Just an update, 1.5 weeks later and still no activity on the tracking number so they haven't shipped it out yet.
  2. HombreCangrejo
    I'm in the same boat. I have the tracking number updated in the web, but it is not found in Royal Mail system. At least, it's a legit number, but that means nothing.
  3. hernandoco
    It's a cash grab. Even now I'm still not convinced that Bob's IMR is its own company. Even the IGG campaign used Bob's face. I mean, obviously it's old videos but if they were genuinely trying to start up again, they could've created new videos to be more convincing. I honestly believe that the company(ies) are dead. All the people receiving their items are either returns, refurbished, or whatever they could find in stock.

    Trinity/IMR is dead. If anyone from Trinity/IMR even exists anymore and even reading these forums, I hope you miserably fail in any venture you proceed with moving forward, whether it's in audio or whatever business you decide to create. I hope you fail and fall even deeper in debt. I'd be glad to lose my money if I knew all of their staff are suffering financially.
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  4. shkorc
    Same here, What. Anybody's tracking number similar to RN44096516(X)GB?

    Ommited one number with X.
  5. Karendar
    You have more than most of us do with that tracking number :wink:
  6. Merc78
    [QUOTE = "Tommy C, post: 13951786, участник: 209878"] Это шоу одного человека, чтобы сохранить это мошенничество. Удивительно, но факт. [/ QUOTE]

    Это не может быть игра одного человека, их продукция очень высокого качества. а не в Китае. У меня есть только одно требование. И они вообще не отвечают. они, видимо, обанкротились.
  7. Watermelon Boi
    Probably most of us have the same question, though I really don't understand why Trinity suddenly began to behave like this.

    I mean, they've always been discontinuing their products way too early (which sucks) but they've been receiving nice reputation for good products and accepting user feedback. Real sad to see this happen as who's been a fan of TA for a while now.

    I guess some real major messed up sh%t happened after Bob left TA and it's still going on.

    Did anybody ordered the Master 6X/Hunter X? Wondering if they're actually in stock or it's just another "pre-order and wait-forever".
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya so I also got a tracking number and update for shipping status. I was excited as I thought. Can it possibly be my Hunters? Turns out they are updating the shipping status. Meaning it has not really shipped but all that says is I am owed one Hunter. Changed to a Hunter X. Got a whack tracking number you can't track and. No Hunter.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  9. bjaardker
    They put themselves behind the eight ball with the PM4. It was late in shipping and when it was received it had both QC issues as well as a sound signature that, was...well.....unexpected. Some liked it, a lot of others were disappointed.

    If they were able to release the PM6 and Hunters on schedule, things may have held together. However, immediately following the PM4 disappointment, the PM6 and Hunters ran into major component and manufacturing delays. Trinity tried to mitigate these delays by throwing spaghetti against the wall in terms of design and materials change. Some stuck, others didn't, but none was going to be truly effective in shortening the manufacturing timeline and project costs were coming in well above what was initially budgeted for both of those products.

    It's at this point I believe Trinity made their greatest mistakes. First, they didn't or couldn't take on more debt to finish the production of the product that was already sold. So to stem some of the bleeding from the PM6 and Hunter projects, they accelerated their follow up projects. The Master and the Air.

    Learning lessons from the PM4, they created the Master. It had fewer QC issues and was probably closer to what they intended the PM4 to sound like. Also, by this time they also had a better handle on the cost of production, so they were able to make a better margin on the product, even when selling it at bargain prices. The Air was likely meant to be a small proof of concept project. Instead it was treated like a big product launch and even bundled with the PM6 to try and get as much capital as possible.

    Here's where the milk began to curdle. Trinity not only encounters more setbacks with the PM6 and Hunter. But now they've run into problems with the Air as well. The dual antenna system works great in testing, but when you stick them in someone's ear it all goes to crap. To counter this, they pump up the amplitude of the transmitter at the cost of battery life. It helps a little, but there are still dropouts. Problem is, they've sunk a large portion of funds into production of components for these earphones and have thousands of aluminum shells with electronics that don't meet expectations. They try sending out a few of the subpar Airs to see if they can "get away with it" but quickly folks realize that something is wrong, so Trinity halts the Airs.

    At this point Trinity is in a bind. They have some parts for 3 different lines PM6, Hunter, and Air. But no way of completing the production run of any of them. The Master seems to be selling well, so another future model similar to the Master is accelerated, the Icarus3. Since this was a hybrid headphone similar to the Master it was something they were familiar with and were able to budget and source it relatively easy.

    This is where things get murky. Bob starts backing away. Jake starts insulting customers. There are long periods of radio silence. This new Kieran guy shows up. I think at this point the organizational snowball is just too big to stop it from rolling. They've finished the production run of the Icarus 3 and it's relatively successful. But the money from it and the Master were used to push out the last of the Hunter orders and some of the PM6.

    There are some complexities I didn't go into with resellers and retail, and there are probably some things that went down differently than I said. But I'm willing to bet I'm at least 50% right on this.

    Between Bob leaving, people asking for refunds, and general chaos, the coffers are almost empty and the reputation of the company is forever tarnished. It's kind of unclear where things are now. They probably have 1 person working there at most, maybe no one. Kieran might be someone doing things part time for them assembling the Airs by hand from the parts that were left over in those bins they once posted pictures of. Who knows.
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  10. barondla
    Once the Air was announced I knew Trinity was in trouble. No matter how good your earphone designer they don't know a thing about sophisticated electronics like Bluetooth. Totally different fields. Mechanical vs electronic engineering. Different disciplines. Think how few highend home audio companies are known for great speakers and electronics. Rare. I had even less hope for the Trinity dap. To work well it requires a third field of expertise. A software programmer for the interface.
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  11. Watermelon Boi
    Appreciate the thorough explanation, it surely does seem practical. Don't know why Trinity was always so eager pushing out new products.

    Most Trinity iems like Delta Hybrid V-II, Sabre, Master, etc got discontinued in less than a year. I've never seen any other manufacturers discontinuing their product this fast.

    Unless there flaws to its quality, Trinity should of maintained their line up much longer and allow themselves more time to get prepared for a new one.

    (while RockJaw Audio almost seems dead these days..)
  12. wilberforce55
    Has anyone received an Icarus I, II or IV or was this range all just a lie as well?
  13. hernandoco
    It was a lie. They did not exist.
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  14. Martin Howell
    There are people on the EOZ Air Kickstarter complaining because they have announced a 5 week delay due to changes made to the product to improve the product we will receive (due to stretch goals and Chinese New Year paralysing their supply chain for three weeks). I feel I should point them towards this project to show them they have nothing to complain about.
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  15. bk123
    Trinity Phone number is not available. I'm trying to contact them since yesterday but of no use.
    Just wondering if they are still on vacation.

    Note: I have one unused FIIO F9 PRO (Recently lauched) earphone for sale. If anyone is interested, PM me please. Just trying to thinning out my collection and collected funds will be spent on my another hobby(Fountain pens....)

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