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  1. Tommy C
    Oh ok. Thanks. Nonetheless I still think they are trying to raise money in any possible way. They are probably about to go belly-up soon.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  2. Tommy C

    Suspended by IGG.
  3. Tommy C
    According to the KS page a few KS users reported this campaign to IGG.
    I’m assuming IGG did their due diligence based on the fact Trinity has failed to deliver time and time again.
  4. hernandoco
    Dang, that sucks. I was low key hoping people not in the know would be tricked into backing so that our products get built... Oh well, it's the holiday season, I guess I shouldn't think that way.
    Karendar likes this.
  5. Tommy C
    I guess their all new AIR campaign has backfired. Low life people. At this point it’s pretty clear it’s all a scam. IGG shut them down for a reason.
    Maybe time for another visit at their head office LOL.
  6. OopsWrongPlanet
    I'm just wondering if Trinity is still classified as "Sponsor" since this thread is listed under "Sponsor Announcements and Deals"?
    It would be more appropriate to be listed under: "Sponsor Abandonments and Deceptions".
  7. originalsnuffy
    The Phantom series. Named well as most products from this company are in fact, Phantoms.
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  8. Tommy C
    I believe Trinity is no longer a sponsor.
    This thread and the rest should be under ‘Fraud Alert’. That would be way more appropriate.
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  9. Karendar
    I see you still haven't given up this thread or the Trinity bashing. :wink:
    HungryPanda likes this.
  10. Tommy C
    Needed to catch up. Saw many notifications thinking people have received their IEMs.
    Not bashing, this is clear by now - it’s all a scam, including the IGG campaign that got suspended. Is it even a question at this point?
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
    DannyBai likes this.
  11. Karendar
    Some people HAVE been receiving (slowly) some of their orders from KS though... Airs are still paperweights though.
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  12. Tommy C
    Those are probably returned goods from customers, those lucky who were able to return for a full refund. I know one person who received the IEM and it was an open box, not sealed.

    Also, how many? It’s probably less than 5 people unless I’m missing something. It’s again the same pattern.
    Come on, you been here long enough and should know better :)
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  13. Karendar
    I know it's not insane amounts, but it's something at the very least. :p I hope people keep returning them so they can pay it forward and send my PM6 my way. :wink:

    Personally, I just want to be done with this company ASAP. Either by me getting my "order" (Perk for subhuman customers) or them going belly up.
  14. Tommy C
    I know exactly how you feel and honestly can’t even take this number seriously. They said multiple times that everything was shipped, even to customers who reached out to them recently.
    The PM6 X and Hunter X are all of a sudden in stock, new IGG campaign...etc...
    This company has no funds available, they can’t fulfill and the worst part is that customers can no longer go to their credit card company nor PayPal since Trinity played their cards very well and with a big FU to their backers and customers.
    If this is not a scam what is it then?
    No one even knows who’s Kieran’s boss as probably there isn’t one. It’s a one man show to keep this fraud going. Strange but true.

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