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  1. paugustin
    When did you cancel? I asked for a refund two month ago and have received nothing yet...
  2. bk123

    I advise you to call Kieran and ask for status.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  3. paugustin
    Until now he kept saying there was nothing he could do to speed things up...
  4. Limitlesspace
    Looks like they refund selectively. I am also waiting for a refund for 2 months already.
    bk123, are you from UK/US? Maybe those regions are in favor of refunds, just a speculation.
  5. bk123
    No, I'm from India. :)
  6. Limitlesspace
    Well, that's interesting. Then it's a lottery. :slot_machine:
  7. paugustin
    I'm from France and waiting...
  8. dobis4ever
    I'm from Germany.

    Waiting for my 8-litz cable ordered in June and for my refund of ICarus I -II -IV

    Kieran: Sorry, but i can't speed up-- blah blah blah ...
  9. grs8
    I asked Kieran, if he was joking about the Hyperion in original condition.
    I told him, TA can deduct GBP10 from my refund, that's the price with discounts for the Hyperion...

    Since last friday, radio silence...
  10. Karendar
    Honestly, you're already generous enough with them by asking them to deduct any money from your refund. The hyperions aren't worth 50 GBP that's for sure.
  11. Darkestred
    This is really sad that the product still has not been shipped.

    Is Trinity still operating and selling other ear phones? That is some bull if so.
  12. Tommy C
    Their website is still up and Kieran is still there. I don’t know if they are still operating or not though but no one here reported receiving anything even after some people were provided with a random notification about items been shipped.
    The bottom line people are still waiting, hoping to get their orders which is pretty much up in the air although Trinity lied once again claiming everything was shipped.
  13. Tommy C
    Seems like a couple of KS received the Air. As expected though they are having issues, the same connectivity issues others had reported. Such a messed up situation. This company is doomed.
    Karendar likes this.
  14. HungryPanda
    dave9527 and j4100 like this.
  15. dave9527
    Any news from ta?

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