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  1. alan_g
    unbelievable, this lot are beyond belief
  2. Tommy C
    Customers who received the Hyperion already used them, but for those who haven’t the cost of shipping and the whole thing makes zero sense. Just bs.
  3. wilberforce55

    Wasn’t an issue with PayPal refund
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  4. grs8
    Had opened a PayPal dispute, it was closed the next day without notice...

    TA is the worst company I've ever dealed with.
  5. Tommy C
    At this point I see zero evidence that this is an operating business.
    What happened to the guy who visited their office 2 months ago?Didn’t he say he will pay them another visit?
  6. Karendar
    He did... Patience. Not everyone has time to waste on this. :wink:
  7. Martin Howell
    So my Liberty+ is out for delivery today, unfortunately won't be able to try them until later this week, but as predicted they've beaten the Air to me. Also in on the Eoz Air Kickstarter, what's the bet they get to me first as well?
  8. wilberforce55
    I honestly think the Air is dead an buried. No-one on this site or the Kickstarter site has received a pair in months, given they clearly dont work why would TAE order more (assuming they even had the money to do so) it is just a dead product. Which makes me wonder, assuming when they started the project they were an honest bunch of guys (now, not so) what happened to all the orders? Did their supplier nick off with the cash after delivering half (?) the batch? Did they only order a small percentage of orders and use the rest as working capital? We will never know, but i doubt anyone will ever see another pair
  9. achnisch
    After having my Delta Hybrid order (ordered November 2016) cancelled in September I requested a refund from Kieran who said he'd do it by the end of that week. After chasing him a couple of times he ignored my last message so I went to my card issuer who investigated this for me and I finally had my money refunded!

    For anyone still waiting on Kieran for a refund I'd urge you to contact your card issuer to resolve this for you as it's obvious Kieran won't, it might not be too late
  10. Tommy C
    Absolutely. I doubt any of the Icarus model is going to show up.
    The Air aren’t coming, same goes for the Hunter and PM6.
    They know exactly what they are doing. It’s not just a backlog and long wait time due to the manufacturer.
    There is most likely no money left and they can’t fulfill.
    On a flip side, I apologize if this was discussed, but do I see two new models on their website or what?
  11. Midgetguy
    You talking about the "dual-phase" and the "hybrid-b"? Those were up before the X-series "released". Nothing new to see.
  12. boblauer
    Not to argumentative but I was self employed for 19 years and on the books never had a profit of more than 10k.. There are many many ways to dissolve profit and lower tax liability. Just food for thought.
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  13. Tommy C
    Yeah, those two.
  14. Tommy C
    True. I have a side business as well but Trinity’s operation is much bigger than mine. I get my accountant to do his magic when it’s time to file for income tax, most people do.
    For such business it’s pretty rare to have such a small amount as profit.
  15. bk123
    sorry, double post
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018

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