1. Midgetguy
    I'm still waiting on an Air. It's a write-off for me already, course. Whether I receive it or not and if it works or not is basically of no consequence at this point; money's gone, product not delivered, moving on.

    I got the discount code and everything for the IMR R1 when I asked Bob about it by email at the time. I neglected to act on the offer as there were some other things I decided to put money into that looked at least as interesting, if not more, without the potentially related baggage. Rather than put the money into buying the R1, I put in funding for a couple other KS campaigns instead which were a bit more interesting to me and had similar risk anyway. For me, not much to knock on Bob; he knows how to design an IEM and for the most part, seems like a fairly nice guy, but he was wrapped up in the wrong organization. One that ultimately showed its lack of management and common business sense, leading to the pit it's currently in with a very bleak outcome.
  2. manjazz
    Of Course. Different brand name, excellent quality plus positive who wouldn't jump on new toy. Provided if DISCOUNT might be available.
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  3. dave9527
    So "Bob" said it was "shipped" but without tracking number...
  4. Remiam7

    I received an e-mail stating that my order from IMR had shipped. But when I click on “View My Order,” DHL States “Awaiting Update.” And when I click on that there is a message stating that some packages may be delayed or have a delayed tracking number, and to keep checking back for an update. Been this way since shipped out last Friday. It could be that DHL won,t update until my package reaches the US as then it will most likely be handed off to USPS for final delivery. It’s quite rare for DHL to deliver in my area. Anyway, I just sent Bob an e-mail to send me the tracking number, if available.
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  5. Tommy C
    This sounds oh so familiar.
    Just an FYI - I bought shoes from the UK last month. They shipped it with DHL and I was able to check the status of my order minutes after the store sent me their status update.
    Just my .02 cents.
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  6. Tommy C
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  7. manjazz
    Yo Tommy
    I thought that's how purchase and tracking should have been done ? Too much effort to ask for tracking and status maybe.:ksc75smile:
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  8. Remiam7

    I was curious about the message from DHL as I had not seen something like this. But it is the beginning of the holiday shipping season, so perhaps they are backed up. I will probably hear from Bob via an e-mail tomorrow, so really not too worried about it.
  9. WhiteKnite
    I'm still not totally convinced Bob is no longer part of Trinity. And he was the one feeding us lies, whether he was doing so on order from higher up is irrelevant to me. What initially turned me into a "hater" though wasn't even the lies but his attitude toward me and other customers who had questions about the mess of changes and ambiguity surrounding the Hunter after the first delay and redesign. I still held out but the moment the lies became obvious and I saw through them I bailed which was back in April. At that point things became unforgivable. Now I'm just waiting to see what happens with the Icarus I since I can't seem to get a refund for that even though I just paid shipping...
  10. dave9527
    FYI, my experience with dhl (with tracking), even for normal letter, I got the tracking numbers right after the sender is preparing the parcel. And dhl will start updating the status after the item has been received by dhl. If you don't have the tracking no. right now, its either yours is not tracked,'s "shipped".....
  11. wilberforce55
    Don't know how anyone trusts Bob either. He may have made some good IEMs early on, but isn't that him in the phantom Air Kickstarter page, saying the design was done, the technology sorted, they could produce perfectly connected, 4 hour running wireless IEMs, they just needed the money for production?

    16 months later, the batteries don't last, the connections don't work, and most people haven't received them
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  12. Walderstorn
    I totally agree with this part.
  13. dave9527
    Icarus IV is shipping now!
  14. sejsel

    Yes, but still no pics of the Icarus II; correct me if I'm wrong .

    The obvious question would be - why ?

    I do sincerely hope that what Kieran is saying is correct. I really do.
  15. dave9527
    Yes, all you can do is hope

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