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  1. riesz
    Could someone compare the size and weight of the Icarus III with the PM4 and Master please
  2. Numpsy
    I just got a refund on my PM-6 order after doing that (along with one for the Icarus 1 that i ordered using the £10 voucher from it, to be expected I suppose).
    Worth trying if you don't have any luck elsewhere.
  3. Karendar
    Pm6 bought off their website or IGG/KS?
  4. Numpsy
    Off their website last August. (backed the Air on KS seperately).
  5. Howlin Fester
    @Miko 7 , tell us how you really feel. We'll put you down as = "Undecided"

    Actually, thanks VERY MUCH for this. Because of your impressions, I just emailed Kieran and asked him to substitute an Icarus 3 for my (still waiting) Atlas-Delta instead of the rumored Master. He replied within 7 minutes that he would have the exchange carried out shortly.
  6. sejsel
    Very interesting findings... using the purple undampdened filters with masters was actually something that emerged after some time.. for two reasons - one is getting the detail throught fully, other is
    alleviating sometimes (far from always, really far) overwhelming bass presence in just few EDM tracks.. got tired of the changing of the filters, and settled with satisfying results on purple undampened...
    The intent was never in any regard to soundstage, I have never had a problem in that regard with the Master IEM, with any filter, never noticed some significant variations there, or never payed any attention to it.

    Kieran responded to my mail query about when the Icarus III will be shipped, and wrote that all of them are shipped already, but sadly some people did not get any mail notification. I just nofified, in reply, that the status for the order at my account is still unchanged.

    Regarding the Icarus I, the info is that they should start ship by the late august, earliest, but it has been said that that can also be a subject for changes .
  7. sejsel
    The info from Kieran is that the Icarus I will start shipping during the late august , as earliest, but that can be subject for changes as well
  8. Numpsy
    My order has said 'fulfilled' since March (didn't change when it was shipped), and I never got a shipment notification either - don't think the account status is really trustworthy.
  9. FatTeemo
    Ok, I finally got my refund for pm6. I lost out some because of the exchange rate difference but at this point I am tired of Trinity Audio and just want to move on from this.
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  10. Miko 7
    they're tiny in comparison, a lot smaller than I expected
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
    riesz likes this.
  11. Miko 7
    I only harp because some people may have paid MSRP, and at those prices I would be upset about what I received and how long it took
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  12. harpo1
    I wouldn't call them tiny in comparison. They're a little smaller than the Master. The PM4 is smaller than both the Master and Icarus III.
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  13. Howlin Fester
    I didn't think you were harping. I thought it was hilarious and brutally honest. I particularly like the analogies. Vince Vega's erring fiddling. FBI taking sound engineers to GitMo.

    And these impressions helped me to determine that I wanted the Icarus3 over the Master as a Delta Hunter replacement. You have provided a service, my friend. A valuable, valuable service.
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  14. Miko 7
    that's probably a more fair comparison, I just meant they disappear in m ears whereas the Masters feel like rocks in there
  15. harpo1
    Yes they definitely fit better than the Masters. They're the first Trinity IEM I can actually use the purple filters. Their worth the discounted price but I wouldn't pay retail for them.
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