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  1. Intensecure
    And the previous and afterwards ones are interesting.
    Who knows if Bob didn't take kindly to criticism, or someone else? My takeaway is that the Hunter, which Brooko seemed to find less good than the Delta, could have been much more if tuning advice was heeded. I would have been much more interested in a Hunter that was partially tuned in conjunction with experienced reviewers like Brooko, as the Hyperion was. An opportunity missed?
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  2. JaeYoon
    Very much so. Delta were very popular. If Hunter just improved upon Deltas, increase soundstaging and details. Try your best to keep that yummy sound that made it bomb!

    No doubt, Bob is a humble man.
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  3. FrutigerSans
    I need some encouragement as I wait yet another 21 days to be let down again.

    Anyone has seen any proper reviews on the PM6. Seen a few impressions on the hunter but not much on the PM6.
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  4. JaeYoon
    A long while back, @fpessolano gave some good impressions. At first he did not like it because the sibilance was super high. He changed filter after filter.
    He discovered some filters that reduced it heavily. He settled on silvers, some others on green, some on red, gunmetal.

    (This is all from what I read from impressions on those lucky who received PM6 here, but buried behind hundreds of pages)
    About PM6, it has incredibly high detail retrieval, soundstaging in great (A step below the Hunter) not too bad!
    The Treble can very difficult to manage, in case of bk123, but his songs were old hindi recordings and the treble was really sharp.

    But for others with better masterings/recordings, you can tame it with cutting up damping foam into a half cylinder and putting it in Gunmetal or silver, red, etc and tame the highs.
    Other than that, it seems like a value IEM for preorder price. Good detail retrieval, soundstaging, bass is decent, just good overall.
    However fpressolano mentioned he would never pay MSRP price for the Phantom Master 6. But he loves it a lot.
  5. 31usive
    Is today the last day of all the discounts?
  6. JaeYoon

    In meantime! Let me cook up a song for you over a Campfire! :k701smile:
    It should inspire hope and warmth!
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  7. bocosb
    Well, if Trinity Audio decides to quit the headphones business they could have a glorious future in politics.. they have all the skills
  8. Kundi
    I think tomorrow is the last day.
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  9. dave9527
    They have less than 18hours to ship Icarus IV:end:
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  10. TomKorn
    Dear Customers and Backers,

    Its time for a Trinity update and this one is pretty packed with info!

    Master and Icarus III

    Thank you to all of you that have provided feedback on the Master and Icarus III so far, its always great to hear such positive feedback. For those that have not received their Icarus III, all UK, EU and rest of the world Icarus III have been shipped and there us just a handful of USA order left that will ship on Monday.

    Discount codes

    Well as many of you know we recently announced the stopping of our discount codes and our headphone (Phoenix) is our last big pre-order discount. We have been listening and many think this unfair or silly but the reality is that as Trinity has grown and so have the costs and offering such huge discounts does not work for the future of Trinity. Having said that the Head-Fi discount code will stay in effect for the foreseeable future and we will issue a special code for backers shortly offering the same discount as Head-fi.org members.

    Now lets answer some pre-order/kickstarter questions like, where is my Phantom Air, Master 6, Hunter, Delta or Atlas Delta?!

    • We have shipped 928 Hunters globally leaving just 72 left to finishing building and ship (will ship within 21 days)
    • We have shipped 792 Master 6 (pre order and kickstarter) globally leaving 208 left to finish and ship (will ship within 21 days)
    • We have only 58 Delta to ship and have emailed those 58 offering upgrade options
    • We have only 176 Atlas Delta upgrades to ship and should take less than a week to ship
    • We have shipped the updated Phantom Air to select backers for testing and evaluation and all reports are now back and we will begin shipping again once all updated units are back from our manufacturing partner which will take 7-10 days from today.

    What happened to the customer service?

    Many of you may have seen a dramatic dip in customer service. Sadly as many of us have been concentrating on various other aspects such as shipping and manufacturing we had taken our eye off the ball and allowed a customer service staff member to get away with exceptionally low standards of service and has caused huge issues of concern for some customers (as well as our selves). This staff member has now been removed permanently from customer service and Kieran is now taking over his role. Kieran has been doing an amazing job with his friendly yet brutally honest manner but he does have a little catching up to do as he works his way through the other staff members emails.

    What else is news worthy?

    Behind the scenes there has been many things going on. First of all lets Welcome Dan Nundra as the new head manager of Trinity Audio. Dan comes with years of experience in the Audio industry with his last appointment at one of the worlds most renowned audio manufacturers.

    This appointment also marks the end of another. Bob was Trinity’s lead designer from the beginning and helped shape the sound and design style of Trinity. Bobs last day is officially 31st July but has agreed to stay on for 4 weeks to help with any hand over to Dan. Bob has asked us to convey this message to you all.

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Trinity and making people smile with new audio gear, my only goal has always been about bringing as much audio enjoyment as possible. Along this journey I have learnt many things not only about audio but about myself. I cannot imagine ever leaving the audio game but it was time for me to make some big changes to my working and personal life. I have lived and breathed Trinity as the head design engineer but its time to move on. I wish Trinity all the best for the future and hope to see many of the amazing customers around at shows and events in the future”

    So thats all for now and as you can see from above we are almost back on track. We have had some major mountains to climb over these past 6 months and feel positive about the future.

    Thank you to all our supporters who have weathered the storm with us and its great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you

    Trinity Audio
  11. TomKorn
    Just saw this email from trinity and wanted to share it with you.

    Bottom line : no more Bob and Jake.
  12. sejsel
    Just read an email(ed) update from the Trinity.
    It might be early stages, so to speak, to comment on the info regarding the Icarus III ; as of yet I have not received any email notification about the Icarus III being shipped. Neither did I see anything at my account at Trinity saying anything about the Icarus III being shipped, the info there is still "fulfilled" as earlier.

    This update also did not (as far as I remember) mentioned at all the Icarus I (or Icarus II) - latest info was that they were ready for the production...
  13. Midgetguy
    EVERYTHING's ready for production. Just that nothing's ready for shipping. And nothing's been coming out of production. But it's all been ready! I think we should expect delivery in Quarter 5 of this year. Stay optimistic, you may see a severely reduced value embodiment of your money soon! :p

    Of the people that still frequent this thread, I'd say @fpessolano is probably the best resource regarding the qualities of the PM6. If you were curious about the Hunter (I know, you didn't order one, but why pass up an opportunity for a shameless plug of one's own work? :wink:), I have a full review of it posted here on Head-Fi and I believe @Jackpot77 has another full review of it in the pipeline.
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  14. TomKorn
    I have to say that this saddens me.

    The things that happened were very unfortunate and for us customers annoying to say the least.

    Still. Whenever I exchanged emails with either Bob or Jake the were always polite.

    I once talked to Jake on the phone when this PM6 /Hunter debacle started. I asked him what's happening and his voice was shaking. He was clearly overwhelmed with the situation.

    I believe they are decent guys and things grew over their heads. I wish them all the best for whatever they do in the future.

    As for me I am waiting for Icarus IV. Unfortunately no word in the update...
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  15. fpessolano
    Not really. There are some impressions from me and another couple of guys ... but that's it. If they shipped 3 master 6 they did ship 10 hunter :)
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