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  1. Tommy C
    Did Trinity really design anything from the ground up or did they act as the middleman by selling Chinese IEMs, designed and mass-produced in China by the manufacturer?
  2. IamMe90
    I don't know. Why even ask such a pointlessly speculative question?
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  3. Tommy C
    Because the whole thing smells fishy.
    Did you see Brooko's comment on the other thread?
  4. Walderstorn
    So...? Stop watching so many soap operas. Designing in Europe and manufacturing in China is, unfortunately, very common by obvious reasons.
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  5. Tommy C
    Huh? Not sure what is your problem.
    When the PM6 and Hunter were introduced they were hyped up and marketed to be at the level of Campfire Audio and Noble at much lower cost. It makes a huge difference if your IEMs were designed by Ken Ball or the Wizard as opposed to some manufacturer in China.
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  6. Walderstorn

    Unless someone here was a Trinity employee, and tell as different, as far as we know, the products were designed by the, now-ex, lead designer and produced in China.

    Purpose of your speculation? Zero, nada.

    If it's well design and manufactured it will sound good independently of the nationality of the designer.
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  7. Tommy C
    No need to be rude, and with everything that has been going on with Trinity this is not out of the question.
    I just wanted to know as some people were assuming the TOTL are assembled in the U.K. If I spend that kind of money I want to know who stands behind the product, is it too much to ask?
    I'm glad I pulled out a while back when a kind member reached out to me and warned me before I poured more money into this.

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  8. Intensecure
    Hmm, Daniel Nundra... I remember him commenting on the Trinity YouTube videos before they were taken down..of course in defence of Trinity whenever anyone criticized - *tone redacted, because it's coming across more harsh than intended, apologies*
    His LinkedIn doesn't show anything about leading an Audio company, more consumer than developer from the looks of it. Pasted here in case it changes. :wink:
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    Daniel Nundra

    Self Employed

    Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
    As a teaching assistant I have learnt masses about people and myself, I love building new relationships one of the aspects that satisfies me most is when students get to achieve their goals and ambitions. There is a huge amount of pleasure for me when I know I am making a difference and get to help people along the way.

    I have an immense passion for sound and audio quality is something I hold in very high esteem. Although an amazing hobby, one might call a mild addiction, there are so many variables which means I always end up spending a ton of money in the unending search for perfect sound. Headphones, earphones and just about anything audio just excites me I love writing reviews and spend at least half of my free time reading up on the latest products.

    There's not much more to say I am a practicing christian whatever that means and I suppose given the chance would take any opportunity to become a missionary.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
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  9. IamMe90
    See ya in two weeks as per usual, bud.
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  10. Intensecure
    And the line, "so many of us" were busy doing other things is a bit dubious. Always emphasized what a small company they were, yet you lose track of your only, at the time, customer service representative? Hard to believe fully, in truth.
    That update is seemingly full of the same misinformation that have plagued previous updates, and we probably won't ever know the whole truth. But I struggle to believe that Bob wasn't personally responsible for a lot of the direction and decisions, along with Joe Watts who wrote all the previous updates and was company director.
    Kieran told me via email last week no more head-fi discount, not sure if that changed, or if they are reacting to the way the wind blows, same as throwing Jake under the bus after the possibility that Jake was to blame was openly discussed here.
    The whole thing leaves a bad taste, and you simply cannot take one word at face value anymore.
  11. dave9527
    Not trustworthy anymore
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  12. posnera
    I'll be expecting a shipping notice tomorrow.

    "Icarus III have been shipped and there us just a handful of USA order left that will ship on Monday"
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  13. JaeYoon
    I feel bad for Jake now. He was the one sent to witch trials to be burnt at the stake.

    The one who really should be at the stake should be whoever the ones at the very top echelons of Trinity who told Jake and Kieran false information to feed to us.

    They should be out here on headfi, and have pixelated cabbage thrown at them. Just pixelated cabbage thrown at them, and then subjected to intense interrogation with PM6 IEMs, with filters that emphasize the Sibiliance in music. and them listening to Jake Paul's awful song Have it be played 24/7.

    Jake and Bob can walk free lol. Good luck wherever you go bob.
    But the shadowy figures who threw just one person to the stake. STOP hiding behind your employees, and come on out!
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
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  14. Karendar
    What's this about Brooko's comment on what thread now?
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  15. JaeYoon
    I think he means this post

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