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  1. LennyPenny
    Did icarus III orders get shipping confirmations?
    Because I didn't get an email that mine was sent out
  2. harpo1
    Jake's not gone just not in customer service anymore.
  3. HungryPanda
    not for UK people they just showed up
  4. Bob A (SD)
    Not gonna be Trinity anymore as from my knothole Bob was the heart and soul of the marque. I wish him all the best in whatever paths he chooses to take in the future. He always treated me well and for that he has had my thanks.
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  5. HungryPanda
    end of an era
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  6. majo123
    I'm not surprised hes gone if he wasn't the man with the bad decisions...has to be hard being the designer and face of trinity watching the problems and nothing you can do about it.
    Most people that create/design are proud of there creations ..has to have been hard on him.
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  7. wilberforce55
    Jake removed? or just not dealing with customer service anymore
  8. nealh
    Latest update news-my thoughts

    Gimme a break.

    This latest update is an insult. Jake is now a scapegoat. Anyone believe he made the CS decisions. He was told what to do.

    Bob initially a great guy and then well you be the judge. He was the face of the company posted information that was totally inaccurate with the intent to mislead consumers. If he was told to do that I'm aghast.

    Whoever owns and manages Trinity is a disgrace. To allow what has happened to the customers and products is beyond disturbing.
    Management did not clarify and correct what was happening. The update implies Bob was a designer so he was being told to misinform us???!!! What

    Trinity's culture is not going to change if there really is a different group of individuals running and managing it. If anyone believes otherwise do so at your own risk

    I'm am thoroughly disgusted and I think even more so Trinity should be banned from Head-Fi

    Go ahead fire away...
  9. LonghornTech
    Sorry Bob. Wish you didn't leave. Jake is gone, thankfully. Long live Trinity (if anyone even cares).
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  10. Karendar
    Wow at the latest trinity email... Jake is gone, Bob quits, Kieran now lead customer service... 21 days to ship last batch of PM6 and hunters... Still too late for me.
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  11. JaeYoon
    You all heard him! Fire away!!

    Jk jk. We would never do that to @nealh
  12. bjaardker
    Well... I wish I could say good things about Bob, but he burned that bridge with his video tirade months ago.

    And, based on the sound from my PM4s, I can't say i'll be seeking out his work elsewhere.

    Who's this Dan guy? Anyone want to google him for me?
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  13. majo123
    I still think the update saying there's x amount of hunter and pm6 etc out there is iffy ...where are they??? Think we need to find them lol ...their rarer than dodos and if I'm wrong and they are out there then why are some still waiting over a year.
    I still won't be purchasing again , i also think they making scapegoats
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  14. nealh
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  15. OldDude04
    All I'll say is wow.
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