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  1. fpessolano
    Just look at the last TA update on KS, I am SO happy to be almost fully gone from being their customer:

    • We have shipped 928 Hunters globally leaving just 72 left to finishing building and ship (will ship within 21 days)
    Sure thing.

    And worst of all:

    Behind the scenes there has been many things going on. First of all lets Welcome Dan Nundra as the new head manager of Trinity Audio. Dan comes with years of experience in the Audio industry with his last appointment at one of the worlds most renowned audio manufacturers.

    This appointment also marks the end of another. Bob was Trinity’s lead designer from the beginning and helped shape the sound and design style of Trinity. Bobs last day is officially 31st July but has agreed to stay on for 4 weeks to help with any hand over to Dan. Bob has asked us to convey this message to you all.
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  2. JaeYoon
    Yikes. Will bob still be an employee? Im assuming he's just on to help transition things to Dan.
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  3. harpo1
    Yes I knew of Bob's departure some time ago but felt it was Trinity's responsibility to announce it. It took them almost a month but at least they finally announced it. Will be interesting to see how many people still support them after this shakeup.
  4. fpessolano
    TA was Bob.
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  5. harpo1
    All he's doing is helping the new lead designer transition then he's moving on to other things.
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  6. JaeYoon
    I hope whatever field he goes in. He does well.

    With Dan at the helm now...
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  7. fpessolano
    ... maybe we get refund also for the ghostly AIR :)
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  8. JaeYoon
    Just imagine those Phantom Airs in your ear! Envision them!
    Do you feel that amazing soundstaging now?
    Oh it might as be just the wind. But!!
  9. fpessolano
    Biggest and widest stage ever :wink:
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  10. JaeYoon
  11. fpessolano
    Jake removed, Bob removed.
  12. HungryPanda
    well just got the email with the news of Bob's departure
  13. JaeYoon
    What do you think will be trinity's future with this new transition into a new era?

    Yeah wherever he goes into. Good luck in his new career
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
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  14. HungryPanda
    as long as we get our orders that is all we could want now
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  15. fpessolano
    At this point, I just want the last refund. The AIR is irrelevant already and will flop. Wish they would refund that too.
    Life is too short to wait IEM (and drink bad wine)
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