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  1. gtrx333
    The green icarus 3 filters seem to pair very well with a tube Amp. On their own they aren't too exciting but with the Amp, they sound smooth, detailed, warm and expansive. My favorite come so far.
  2. LunaTikEDM
    I disputed the purchase and upped it to a claim and received a refund in about a day thanks to paypal, it should work for you as well.
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  3. fpessolano
    Yes, all my PayPal escalated complains got paid in few hours, the icarus3 was no longer protected by PayPal ... they were very fast to cancel the order but no refund in sight yet
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  4. Karendar
    Yeah, I'm gonna escalate all my Icarus orders for refund today and chargeback the rest tomorrow... Done with trinity.
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  5. Carrow
    Hahahahahah I just noticed the thread tags. BRUTAL.
  6. Karendar
    I've created a monster :p haha...
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  7. LonghornTech
    We should replace the last one with "we'll update these tags next week"
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  8. alan_g
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  9. theweezle
    So Im about 100 pages behind.. read the last 3 or so... seems people got icarus on time and the air is still MIA. Ppl are doing chargebacks, but can I do anything to cancel kickstarter?
  10. fpessolano
  11. JaeYoon
    Unfortunately you are at mercy of Trinity on KS. They may or may not give one.

    But unless you can probably paypal or credit card dispute.

    Or you got a good friendly lawyer who can make them settle in court and win.

    Also these tags are brutal lol. :p
  12. ncristia
    I put two claims in on Thursday with paypal one for Icarus I and One for Icarus III, Icarus I was taken care of in 5 min. while the Icarus III response was processing for shipment in Alabama. I asked to please cancel do not ship and then heard nothing more so I escalated to a claim, and have not had a response yet.
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  13. poro1
    Thanks for all providing impressions for icarus iii. I don't quite understand why people are now cancelling their Icarus iii orders as there was not that bad delay and they seem to be shipping for everyone..
  14. posnera
    Bob Dylan said it well:

    Nothing was delivered
    And I tell this truth to you
    Not out of spite or anger
    But simply because it's true
    Now, I hope you won't object to this
    Giving back all of what you owe
    The fewer words you have to waste on this
    The sooner you can go
    Nothing is better, nothing is best
    Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest

    Nothing was delivered
    But I can't say I sympathize
    With what your fate is going to be
    Yes, for telling all those lies
    Now you must provide some answers
    For what you sold that's not been received
    And the sooner you come up with them
    The sooner you can leave
    Nothing is better, nothing is best
    Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest

    Now you know nothing was delivered
    And it's up to you to say
    Just what you had in mind
    When you made ev'rybody pay
    No, nothing was delivered
    Yes, 'n' someone must explain
    That as long as it takes to do this
    Then that's how long that you'll remain
    Nothing is better, nothing is best
    Take care of yourself, get plenty rest
  15. JaeYoon
    Gotta admit that is a good song.
    Bob Dylan - Nothing was Delivered
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