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  1. esm87
    That cable looks so badass!
  2. ocrynox
    Did everyone get their PM6 or there are people still waiting? I'm 7 months in...
  3. sososerious
    I'm still waiting, over a year for me now, 13 months I think.
  4. timorinolee
    Still waiting, about 10 months for me. People are reporting that the shipment/batch of PM 6 will arrive in about 18 days. ~3weeks
  5. alfitz
    Have emailed bob and the team about processing a refund, however they haven't responded at all despite a few emails being sent. Bought the atlas delta almost a year ago and considering they've switched it to the master I no longer want it.

    Has anyone been able to get a response out of them regarding refunds? If this continues I'll have to force a chargeback.
  6. posnera
    Email kieran. I had the same situation and they quickly refunded the A-D order when I explained that I didn't want the Master.
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  7. Karendar
    I got an answer from Bob friday July 14th after talking to Jake for 2 weeks asking for refund info. He said he'd take care of my case come monday.

    Monday comes... No email. Tuesday comes... No email. Email him wednesday saying "so.. what's going on?" He answers, "we're literally waiting for stock friday or monday. Wait or refund?" I said I'd wait but come monday, I would want a refund.

    Monday passes....... Nothing. Tuesday email Bob asking for refund, nothing. Wednesday, nothing. Thursday, nothing. Friday, nothing. Emailed Kieran asking for refund of PM6, air and hunter and POSSIBLY all icarus (yes, I preordered PM6, air, hunter and all 4 icarus), No answer. I also threatened to chargeback.

    I sincerely hope at this point they do not ship my order, because package WILL be refused and a chargeback will be requested come monday.

    So with this info, good luck with your case. I suggest considering chargeback.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
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  8. FatTeemo
    I e-mailed Kieran for a refund on Monday and he said on Tuesday that I should be getting it "soon." No refund yet lol...
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  9. Karendar
    I had 3 options for refund and I should have taken the last 2 when I had the chance. I am now beyond certain I am giving up on Trinity.
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  10. JaeYoon
    I'm saddened that. That Trinity iem hanging on top of my Opus #1 might be last trinity product I might ever get.

    But good luck to those still waiting and to those asking/fighting for those refunds.

  11. FrutigerSans
    I would love to buy them off you at 50 + shipping to SG if you are willing.
  12. JaeYoon
    That sounds like a good deal!
  13. esm87
    Pm sent, not sure where SG is but I will ship anywhere outside UK as long as postage is covered. Im happy to cover UK postage myself.

    Cheers for the offer!
  14. dave9527
    I think most are still waiting, preordered air with pm6 last Oct in ks, so no refund...
  15. puzzled
    Sent my masters back for a refund about a month ago, still have not received my refund at all. All of my experiences with trinity have been horrible and I'm thoroughly done with them. Hopefully paypal can help me get my refund back.

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