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  1. Miko 7
    Looks like an engineering study group, but somehow we end up at the correct solutions :dizzy_face: whether is the right way or not :head_bandage:
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  2. barondla
    Thanks for the comparison pics. Do you find one more comfortable than the other?
  3. Numpsy
    Quick comparison pics with a ZST I just got:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The ZST doesn't have the build or sound quality of the Trinity stuff, but it's a very nice fit for my ears (just sits a little better, very light, though the memory wire isn't great).
  4. barondla
    Thanks for the comparison.
  5. .Koufós.
    One thing I noticed is that the cable on the ICARUS 3 looks stiff. Is it a stiff cable?
  6. HungryPanda
    I find them both very comfortable
  7. HungryPanda
    The Icarus cables are not stiff at all
  8. Miko 7
    At first, it breaks in after a while and quits hopping over your ear every time you move year head, it's not as pliable as trinity's old cables or campfire litz cables which isn't a bad thing, I liked that cable although it does seem to fray if it gets snagged or brushes up against stuff
  9. Miko 7
    I used the cinch for the first time in my life with the masters cables, never needed it until then, I like that the cable always lays flat but I'm wandering how it's wound
  10. .Koufós.
    Yikes! Too bad it isn't replaceable. The downside of the ICARUS:disappointed:
  11. Numpsy
    I don't find the cable stiff either, pretty comfortable really, though I'm not sure about the braiding (the thing about it fraying when the top part isn't replaceable isn't ideal)
    I normally have the cable running down my back and usually use the cinch (got into the habit of using them with some Shure e2cs ages ago and do it in general now).
  12. posnera
    Great to hear shipments coming out of Alabama. Sadly, mine is still waiting. Very encouraging news, though.
  13. dobis4ever
    Hi Head-Fi'er,

    and i got my Icarus III today too.

    - Germany -

    couldn't compare to Hunter / Master and Master 4 because :

    No time.. but hope sunday is a chance to listen to them

    kind regards
  14. Howlin Fester
    Good day ladies and gentlemen. I just received quite a surprise from my mailman today. Got a knock on the door and there he stood with a Royal Mail package. It was my Hunter cables.

    But the biggest surprise of all was this:
    When I originally ordered, I asked for 3.5mm Single End and a Ray Samuels Audio Kobiconn connector.

    I didn't hear anything back one way or another, so I looked at what I could order on the Trinity website. Pretty standard stuff. So I sent a second email saying, that I would just take 3.5mm SE and 3.5mm balanced.

    Well when I opened the package today I found a 3.5mm Single End cable. AND A KOBICONN! I couldn't believe it.

    I'm listening to Pink Floyd Great Gig in the sky right now from a Cayin N3 > USB out > Ray Samuels Audio Intruder > balanced kobiconn connector > Hunter > Gunmetal > JVC Spiral Dots.

    Very nice job Trinity. Thank you.

    I know... Pictures or it didn't happen...

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  15. esm87
    Due to the amount of IEM's I have, I'll sell the master with the accessories etc and a case trinity. Hardly used them but that's more the fact that I had them around the time I bought my bowers & wilkins P7 wireless, none of my IEM's been getting much love.

    The icarus iii fit me better than the master too so I know I just won't use them, they don't fit my girlfriends ear either...

    Is £50 with free delivery a fair price??? UK sell. Pointless keeping them unused when someone can enjoy them for very little...

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