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  1. alan_g
    im on the same thinking for the icarus iv
  2. Sam L
    hmm this is an interesting perspective. I bet there is something to this. Doesn't have to be an absolute inability to mass produce something, but maybe there are design elements that increase the cost of production significantly. In this case, the only variable that can be changed is to go after difference sources / manufacturers, etc.

    Could also explain the silence. Imagine the embarrassment of basically admitting they don't actually know what they are doing, in regards to making iems.
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  3. Sam L
    Actually, to be safe, let's say 2021 -- absolutely guaranteed.

    Kidding aside, man I hope you get resolution quickly.
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  4. Sam L
    A pleasant surprise... *crosses fingers*. Only problem is they'll get to my house while i'm on vacation. Or, will it? :)

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  5. Midgetguy
    Awww man, why did you have to go and blur out the last digits on the tracking number?? One of us could've come over to pick them up for you to confirm that they actually got delivered :grin:
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  6. Numpsy
    nice :)
    (has anyone received a gunmetal hunter before? think ive only seen mentions of the heat treated ones)
  7. OldDude04
    My Icarus III have left Alabama this morning. I should see them Monday.

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  8. ncristia
    What are you talking about? Are you saying Bob is big brother and you don't want to say anything? Enlightened us all as to whats really going on.
  9. .Koufós.
    What?! I just asked for a refund through PayPal for the ICARUS 3!

    By the way, hi allI've been lurking in the forum for a few months now I meant to join a lot earlier but, haven't had the time.

    Also, has anyone had any problems with the Vyrus 2 in terms of malfunctioning drivers? Or is the only problem the shell falling off? I have thought about getting one since Amazon says I can get it by Monday. I taking a trip on Thursday and wanted to take a pair of iems before I left.
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  10. OldDude04
    I asked for a refund earlier today as well, only to find out they shipped 4 hours before I made the request. Great timing, lol. All I wanted was my IEMs, so unless they suck, I'll be happy to have them over the refund.
    .Koufós. likes this.
  11. Midgetguy
    My shell split open and I have still so far been too lazy to glue it back together. I'll get around to it at some point. But the driver itself is still functioning.
  12. ncristia
    I went through paypal for a refund on the Icarus III yesterday and Trinity responded, item is processing in the U.S for shipping. I messaged back please cancel do not ship and Trinity did not respond, so I bumped it up to a claim. I assume they will ship it anyway to avoid the cancelation. Though I have not been giving a tracking #. Also of note, Trinity responded to paypal with in 5 minutes of my request.
  13. ncristia
    @OldDude04 how did you get notified of shipping?
  14. OldDude04
    I received the email in the pic below:

  15. .Koufós.
    Sounds good. If I don't get the ICARUS 3, I will get the Vyrus 2. Unless I decide to go the chi-fi route

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