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  1. HungryPanda
    I need to dig out my old Dunu 2000 for a listen now but I wonder how it will fare against the Pioneer SE-CH9T
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  2. Sam L
    No, no, I'm not referring to the H3's. No comparison. The A3's are a completely different beast.
  3. Karendar
    But they did so for a while... Then they yanked it because we were supposed to have our IEM's. Now it's an uphill battle for some, others get refunds...
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  4. theUKMrT
    I'll let you know - I have a pair coming tomorrow.
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  5. 31usive
    Ch9t and icarus iii comparison please
  6. wilberforce55
    i ordered a pair of KZ ZS5s and gold cable on July 10th and the Bluetooth adapter on the 17th.

    Bluetooth adapter just arrived, so i have nothing to play on them
  7. FrutigerSans
    At this point this thread is probably a support group for those still suffering from the effects of incessant delays.
  8. crabdog
  9. HombreCangrejo
    Has anyone tried the Vyrus V2 filters in the Master? Do they fit correctly?
  10. majo123
    Lol I do wish trinity recovery but this did tickle me.
  11. Karendar
    I'm still totally in the dark about a refund possibility. Bob answered two emails and is back to radio silence. If there's really another 21 day delay for PM6, I am beyond done with Trinity.
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  12. fpessolano
    Well, I am told I get my refund soon already for three days .... so good luck to us
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  13. Podster
    Hmm, I did not know we had a Trinity employee amongst us! Obviously you know Bob and that he put Jake in charge? IMO I don't really think many on this site know what is going on at Trinity and behind the scenes but I do know Head-Fi does not seem to be putting anything towards or out here with their interactions with Trinity:thinking: I have to feel for Trinity to pull out of Head-Fi there must be far more to it than meets the eye or text in any of these threads. No doubt the word SPECULATION has run rampant in these here parts:wink: I read someone's post about Bob may have nothing to do with running the company any longer? What if Trinity found a backer who agreed to back them as long as they start to control Trinity's business model! Once again this is speculation on my part but what I'm getting at does anyone out here in these post really know what's going on at Trinity? Just sayin':rolling_eyes:
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  14. OopsWrongPlanet

    .... that's why it's weird that you want to discredit others speculation with your own.

  15. fpessolano
    Good luck to you all. I am left only with the Ghost AIR.
    For people asking for refunds, they start again to flow and I got almost all (only Icarus III needs still refunding because it was an expired Paypal order).
    I do hope some will get something, I was lucky enough to get the Master6 (and they are worth it for my taste) and definitively Kieran is much better at his job than Jake ever has been in the last months.

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