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  1. majo123
    Just want to say that this thread has been used to socialise more than usual (socialising happens on all threads but not to this degree)and people are still complaining about the same things, but trinity made this mess with no products no information, the only thing to talk about, is/was other stuff whilst coming on here trying to find out what's going on with their purchases because no real information was coming from trinity , do that for 6 months and thats the result.

    I still hope bob pulls through this , the man has good ideas on products but whoever made some of the business decisions...well i don't have to say do I.
    Hope you all get your iems soon, I'm still interested how they turned out so will keep watching.
  2. Miko 7
    HungryPanda, I'm hungry to hear what they sound like
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  3. Walderstorn
    Fortunately it is an easy comparison because PM6 is better overall, detail, bass control, stage, mids and airness. The only thing, for me, that is better about the Masters is the weight and comfort, since they do adapt so much better to my ear. Slam may also be considered better but I don't listen do EDM so I don't care.

    My brother has the Hunter , pm6 and Master 4 and sound-wise also prefers the PM6 with green filters. PM4 treble is not well tamed unfortunately and Hunter is better at technicalities but less fun than PM6+greens, at least that's what he told me since I haven't hear them.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  4. Sam L
    great to hear that some are receiving their icarus 3's! At least its something...

    I'm almost at the point where I'll be joining the group of you asking for a refund. If Trinity had a policy of promptly refunding headfi'ers, it would of gone a long way keeping us confident that Trinity cares and is worth rooting for, not to mention many, I'm sure, would have no hesitation ordering again when supply is available or the production timelines more predictable. If you're consistent and fair in keeping customers, even potential customers, happy, your business benefits in the long term.

    There's an independent tire company in the US that spends an exorbitant amount of money per customer support case (something like over $75). The CEO when asked about this said their customers are typically customers for life, so it pays them to keep them happy.

    I actually sent Trinity an email offering consulting, based on my previous job where I created and setup a customer infrastructure for a startup with 15 million users.... was passed up. I think I would of even taken payment in iems. lol
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  5. Midgetguy
    Yeah. That site is the ultimate spot to look for the filter explanations. The little pamphlet included inside the box is super outdated. I imagine it's only really included for the super general description language not related to the specific IEMs. My Hunter came with the same insert.
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  6. Karendar
    To be honest, most of the people who have stuck with them for the PM6 and hunter just wanted transparency. The refund is a result of lack of transparency and outright stalling. I stuck with them as much as I could, but now I have no desire to own any of their products. Not sure anything they do now will recover my faith in their company beyond what the refund will do.
  7. HungryPanda
    I enjoy all the iems I have received from them
  8. Midgetguy
    I've also enjoyed the IEMs I've received from them. Their recent bouts of customer service though.....let's say it rhymes with the words "rumpster tire"
  9. Kundi
    So tempted to get III before discount code runs out!
  10. iancraig10
    Is the discount so great if it might not arrive?
  11. alan_g
    wonder when we will see icarus iv or will he get burnt by flying to the sun
  12. Sam L
    I understand what you're saying, transparency is always preferred by the client. But in the case where its too difficult/complex to provide, a moratorium on any refund requirements resulting in prompt refunds would of still helped keep consumer confidence high. (i'm talking if this were adopted 9 months ago).
  13. Kundi
  14. Sam L
    can't find the post, but someone was asking what alternatives are there to TA in the $100 range. I'm assuming what's implied by that question is what IEMS are a great "bang for the buck" and keep reasonably close to the TA house sound (strong bass, clear mids and highs with good extension). With this in mind, I would not recommend the onemore triples, though they are a great value. Their bass is not anything like TA's, although prominent, they tend to bleed into the mids. I like my triples but would't recommend them as a delta/master-on-discount alternative.

    My recommendation? Go lower or higher.

    lower = KZ ZS5
    higher = Sony xba A3. These do everything TA is going after, but better. Yes, they are more expensive, but I'm pretty sure they are better than anything Trinity has released and will release. Fit is the only question and as I just learned you can throw on some Tennmak cables, options are ample. The bass on these things are AWESOME -- they reach down LOW, fast, tight, very similar to what TA does but better, never bleeds into the mids. Mids are clear, but then again TA's mids are rarely an issue, so I'm not going to spend time comparing. However, the highs -- A3 have incredible clarity and extension in the highs, WITHOUT HARSHNESS OR SIBILANCE. Fantastic detail. The cool thing about the A3's are they are not as clinical sounding as some TA's tend to be (somewhat filter dependent as well). Lastly, soundstage -- no comparison, the A3's kill it. In fact there are probably only 2 or 3 IEMs in the sub $2k range that rival the A3 in soundstage (width, depth and height).
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  15. Walderstorn
    I care to (maybe) disagree, from what i've read these are a slight upgrade from the Sony H3s and if it is so its not better than the Dunu 2000 and thus not better overall (and i do repeat, overall) than the PM6, but thats my opinion.

    But if they are a significant upgrade over the H3s than my opinion is invalid, i just judged based on reviews when mine broke and a quick scoop now.

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