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  1. Remiam7

    I had two problems with my original Hunter. First was the connection on the right earbud was very loose no matter what cable I used. Second was that with every song there was lots of distortion and the higher frequecies were piercing to where they became unlistenable and useless.

    My new Hunters have none of the above and the clarity is incredible.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  2. Midgetguy
    Yeah, you sounded like you had a really bad one. Bad connection and sounded like total crap. Good that it's been resolved.
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  3. Remiam7

    Really happy with them now. So much that I preordered the Icarus II to use when out and about rather than one of my Pono Players. Need to see more photos of it though as I liked the original design.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  4. alan_g
    got the email today stating some stuff is shipping... lol
  5. Karendar
  6. Audiotistic
    I've been searching like crazy and am too scared to pull on the cable, but can anyone tell me if the Phantom Masters (new ones, not the phantom master 4's) have a removable cable? It doesn't look like they do, I just wanted to clarify.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  7. Jackpot77
    It should be removable at the Y-splitter. The cable entry to the shell of the earpieces is now non-removable.
  8. Audiotistic
    Yea mine is removable at the y splitter, but I was referring to the entry to the shells. Kinda sucks, o well. Great iems otherwise, thanks for the answer.
  9. theweezle
    While we are on the topic of the master... has anyone bought a 2.5mm cable for it... or can anyone confirm the pinout on the female 3.5 is the same pinout as a standard trrs, not like sony trrs
  10. PxOR
    For me i think I prefer the earlier deal because I am not looking for an entry level (I have the virus, I mean Vyrus).

    But I could not place the order because they suddenly did not ship to my country..(did order several before without issues). But now after traveling for a couple for weeks it seems I can place the order again.:sweat:

    So it's quite confusing what is going on here...
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  11. Sam L
    Good to hear that the hunters are finally working out for you, refreshing to hear some good news. I'm still waiting for my hunters, as well as a replacement filter that came with my masters (going on month 3 of the wait -- how the @#$! long does it take to drop in a tiny object into an envelope?)
  12. rr12267
  13. majo123
    I spoke to Jake today and he said they are expecting hunter stock this week, in fact both Jake and Kieran were quite helpful today.
    considering the circumstances i.e delays/comunication i did feel for trinity a little it came across that there hands are tied and they are waiting on 3rd party's, that said I still think if they had been a bit more open with me and the community in general they could of saved some (not all) frustrations including my own.
    As I said before I hope to see some stock moving this week for everyone and trinity sake.
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  14. posnera
    My Sabre shell popped apart this morning.
    Any advice on gluing it back together? I'm not bothering with sending it back to Trinity.
  15. Karendar
    If it's anything other than the hunter shells, I can't say I feel for them... If you have preorders, goal is to plan ahead. The PM6 didn't suffer from the shell issue, so theoretically they should have inventory of everything required WAY ahead of delivery date. Trinity is clearly not fessing up to something...
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
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