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  1. Bobtrinity
  2. Neotribal
    Excited for this and the (upcoming?) Hyperion v2 [​IMG]
  3. osiris1
    can we just order the filters? 
  4. Trying2Learn
    Mmcx? Or what
  5. canali
    hi there
    iit would be most customer friendly if you replied to your emails.
    i've already sent 2-3 over the last 2 to 3 weeks... of which have received zilch replies.
    not the best first impression for a potential new customer.
    so i guess i'll ask here.
    how will this new series differ from the 1st delta series aside from the extra filters?
    also on the phantom series it looks interesting and 
    how will it differ from the trinity (it looks like it's trying
    to be more of a signature set vs the delta).
  6. Bobtrinity

    Sorry that i have missed your email. I do get over 300+ a day and do my upmost to answer every single one in a timely manner, so please accept my apologies.

    The delta is almost the same apart from the extra filters for greater levels of tuning and the detachable cables.

    There are some minor tweeks also to tighten the bass a little too.

    The phantom series is a level or 2 about our Atlas model. It will offer more precise tuning and a greater number of ba drivers in our pure and bass model, although we may just end up with just one multi driver model and we are still evaluating. The sabre is spectacular and we will be revealing more details late next week.

    The air version will have the same sound signature as our hyperion but with a little tighter bass and be completely wireless.

    MTB5000 likes this.
  7. Neotribal

    Just to give a point of feedback re: the Phantom series... If you end up with just one multi ba model (I'm assuming that's because the pure/bass might be too similar And step on each others' toes): I'm in for both the multi ba and the Sabre. I'm not entertaining the Air only because I'm already a backer for the Bragi Dash :wink:
  8. Bob A (SD)
    Looking forward to it!   [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. delmonte
    When does the preorder offer end?
  10. Bobtrinity

    Around the end of February
  11. canali
    thanks, bob.
    seems that i'm also blind.
    i should have checked out this thread (below) where you do stay in touch...and the discussions
    around your product lines  are much more indepth and current.
    my apologies for not first seeing this (hey when i have to eat crow, i'll do so)
    all the best for 2016: i think it's wonderful when we can support small cottage industries
    that deliver on both great bang for buck product lines and equally good customer service
    (which you seem to delivery in spades.).
    kudos and best wishes.
    I'll do more research...currently have the sony mdr7550 iems on their way and the more bassy sony xb90ex
    so just seeking a high quality iem that is very portable and musical...the atlas (from what i've read) is a step
    up from the delta (even against the to be released II hybrid?)...and i like that it can be worn in the gym, too....so seems
    quite versatile.
    Neotribal likes this.
  12. HK_sends
    I tried to pre-order the Delta v II's on your site for the 70 pound pre-order price but the cart shows them priced at 80 pounds.  Is there anything I need to do to get the 70 pound price?  Also, is the trade-in offer (send in original Deltas) still applicable with the discounted pre-order price? *UPDATE* - Is the extra 10 pounds to cover shipping?
    Thanks in advance!
    -HK sends
  13. Bobtrinity

    I have amended it now so it just shows £80 inc shipping now.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  14. HK_sends
    Thanks Bob!  I look forward to these!
    -HK sends
  15. kiler
    These look great, can't wait to see what ppl have to say about these soon :D 
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