Trinity Audio - PHANTOM AIR - The worlds FIRST tuneable truly wireless in ear monitor.

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  1. MIBUK
    Jaybird are releasing their first true wireless for sport! €169 and can be preordered. I own their Bluetooth version and have been very happy with their performance and sound. They released the X3 with an app to customise your sound preference, which will be also available for these wireless sport version. So, these will be my new pair.
  2. Midgetguy
    Do you know if they're doing it fully by BT like Phantom Air and the Airpods or are they going to be using NFMI between the buds like how Bragi does it?
  3. MIBUK
    Sadly not. Sorry got excited when I saw them release these as I've always had good experiences with their headphones. Hold off for now as it seems they do have some dropouts issues
  4. Midgetguy
    I think Bragi's got it right with the NFMI once they sorted out their firmware issues. Not hearing as many complaints about connection now. I don't think the dual antennas in the Air are the solution. You've gotta either have that proprietary Apple W1 chip or NFMI to get the best signal in terms of tech we have right now. I've got a set of the Swiss Audio S1 backed on KS because they're using NFMI as well. I think Apple's chip actually sends the BT signal to both Airpods, which makes sense because part of the marketing is that if the accelerometer senses the Airpod isn't in position where you'd be listening, then it cuts audio, so if it does that, then that means there's gotta be a data connection between device and each Airpod, right? Just my speculation, but whatever they did, the Airpods and Bragi seem to be the wireless benchmarks right now in regards to totally wireless connectivity.
  5. wilberforce55
    I have also backed the Swiss Audio (more fool me) but recent comments by the creator there is suggesting they may move to LDS rather than the NFMI they are using now
  6. Midgetguy
    Both are theoretically better for connectivity unless you've got Apple's W1 chip (which TAE obviously doesn't have money to license even if Apple were willing to sell it to them). At any rate, a subject for a different thread :wink:
  7. fearlessleader
    Two things...

    (1) Is there any topic here discussing the Swiss Audios? (searching since the new system never seems to work for me)

    (2) Dang... this topic on the TA Airs is still so quiet. I'd really hoped that there had been one or two deliveries to head-fi members. Sigh........
  8. HiFlight
    I have abandoned all hope of ever receiving the Air! I have sent numerous emails to them regarding purchasing a replacement cable for my Atlas but never did receive the courtesy of a reply. I am so glad that I cancelled my Hunter order early on!
  9. wilberforce55
    1) Given the ongoing problems with my Trinity Airs and major companies inability to fix connection issues, i need to think long and hard about my Super Early Bird order of the Swiss Airs. Is it better off spending another CHF100 and getting the B&O e8s, and be able to take them back if they don't work? And as thier funding target was only CHF25k, how could they actually build them given the fixed costs?? Its slightly fishy

    2)I think all Air talk is going on at the Phantom Page (technically they are Phantom Airs) rather than here
  10. fearlessleader
    I pledged with the high probability of dropping out... It seems that there are just so many issues from so many companies with totally wireless earphones that it's likely MUCH better to stick with some wire between the two ears and be assured.

    So, the other part of my query: is there any topic where people are discussing the Swiss Airs specifically? I guess not...
  11. wilberforce55
    Sorry, nothing i have seen on the Swiss Airs. feeling more tentative on those by the day.
  12. gjohnston
    Got my Trinity Phantom Air earphones today. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet but had given up hope of receiving them as they’re so long overdue. Was quite surprised when the post man delivered them.
  13. DannyBai
    Thanks for the update. I wasn’t expecting on receiving them.
  14. gjohnston
    First impressions:

    Plus points
    Look amazing
    Fit very well (don’t appear to slip out).
    Accessories are very well made

    The right hand earbud cuts in and out (that’s the dealbreaker; had hoped they’d identified the cause and remedied before sending).

    I won’t comment on the audio quality as I only popped them in for a minute, but here’s hoping they can rectify the issue causing the right one to drop out.
  15. harpo1
    That's not going to happen. The cutouts have been happening since they released these. I have two of the first ones released and one of the so called fixed versions and all three have this issue. Plus battery life is ****. These things never should have been released. They should refund everyone who ordered them but we all know this isn't going to happen.
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