Trinity Audio - PHANTOM AIR - The worlds FIRST tuneable truly wireless in ear monitor.

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  1. wilberforce55
    I have the Earin (great sound, but right stopped working after a year)

    Bragi. Average sound but reliable connection and great for gardening (stores song on the bud

    Two pairs of Airs (don’t know what they sound like, but they are very light. Almost as if they are not there)

    So this is my fourth brand of wireless
  2. Midgetguy
    Well I don't have any of the three totally wireless solutions I've ordered yet so you're doing better than me so far :p
  3. fearlessleader
    I've had great isolation (NRR of 26dB!) with Plugfones, so I backed their BT headset Version 2 -- not TWS, but I've given up on TWS now even though I'm still waiting for my Airs. The Bragi's I got for $99 from Amazon (factory refurbed) work great, just don't give the isolation my primary use case needs... Think about it, an IEM (wired or BT) that actually got an ear plug NRR rating! When I want to much better audio, there are lots of options.
  4. wilberforce55
    The "earbud second" would scare me off. I want music as first priority
  5. San Man
    As it stands right now, I don't think we'll ever get these "in hand," and if we do, they'll probably be flawed and worthless.
  6. DannyBai
    I emailed asking when it was shipping. Days, weeks, months, years, never... and they couldn't give me an answer. Not an idea when. They will sound sweet but that won't matter cuz it won't have a steady connection. It will be as useless as how the company has been run and still being run to this day.
  7. bjaardker
    When did you email them? What exactly did they say? I'm starting to get worried that we'll never see these.
  8. DannyBai
    Last Thursday. "I am unable to see when your phantom air will ship" was what he wrote when I asked when I'll receive my air. Then I asked if he knew of any timeframe as in days, mos, years, etc. and he never replied back. Kieran is clueless as we are I presume.
  9. bjaardker
    I emailed Kieran today to find out if they're shipping direct or using the Alabama re-mailer for US orders. Since, With the hurricanes we've had, it's possible there may be delays.

    I haven't heard back yet.
  10. DannyBai
    He also said the air's are shipping direct from UK.
  11. DannyBai
    I won't be backing anymore wireless earphones after this and crazybaby. I'm going on my third pair of those because when outdoors, there's bad connection issues. Indoors, they are fantastic with incredible fit and sound. I'll probably spend $300 on the B&O E8 when released and tested with positive reviews.
  12. wilberforce55
    I was the same Danny Bai, but the Swiss Audio ones seduced me

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result
  13. DannyBai
  14. wilberforce55
    my two pairs of airs just arrived unnanounced, Only tried one pair and i have to say there are no dropouts. A few Drop Ins if i am lucky. Left ear (master) plays pretty much continually, but lucky if i get three seconds of a song on the right. Unless i keep my fingers permanently attached to it

    So much for Bob's lies when this POS was announced
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  15. San Man
    Not good news at all
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