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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Midgetguy
    I'm the luckiest bastard ever on this train of disappointment probably. I got my Hunters a long while back and I got my litz cables for them. Still no Airs, but the Hunters are what cost the most money.
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  2. Karendar
    I'll rent them off you for 50 bucks. :D
  3. Midgetguy
    The Airs? Done deal. Where's my $50? :D
  4. Karendar
    You have to buy an X-Series product to get it. :p No coupon code, full price.
  5. hernandoco
    @Karendar is currently shipping them as we speak. You should be receiving an email notification shortly. Majority of $50 should have been shipped out with the exception of about 260 remaining. For those of you still waiting for the $20, we are currently waiting for additional stock and then we will continue shipping.

    In the meantime, check out our new product: the $10 but for our pre-order, you can get it for $5 using the code LOLZYOUGUYSAREGETTINGSCAMMED during checkout.
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  6. Karendar
    It's funny, because Trinity is still closed until Jan 3rd on their site, but we're Jan 8th... Meaning they're closed until Jan 3rd 2019?? :D
  7. SlyCarrot
    Is there any other way to contact them besides email? For Kieran has stopped replying to my emails.

    I have sent my PM4's back 3 times for repairs (all the same issue - loose connectors) and now that I have gotten them back this third time they are having a different issue.
  8. myrottiety
    Instead of sending my headphones back for repairs almost 3 months ago. I should have just picked a filter I liked and super glued the filter in. Would have saved me the $100 to ship them back plus the 3 month wait. :anguished:
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  9. Karendar
    Everytime someone posts in here, all I see is "Trinity - What the future holds" and all I think about is "The future holds poo." :/
  10. Karendar
    Use their phone number as a plan B... But I wouldn't hold my breath. Trinity is basically a reseller of products they build in china and rebrand. Their "repairs" never seem to last from what I've read.
  11. SlyCarrot
    Where can I get their phone number? Yeah, the repairs have been pretty ****. They all had problems on arrival or in the first few days of receiving them back.
  12. Sound Eq
    i don't know where to ask this,

    is the foam now glued to the silicon in the new trinity tips unlike the old version
  13. AverageDude
    They seem to be indeed
  14. Sylean
  15. Karendar
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