TRI earphone impressions - I4 and I3, Starlight, NEW Starsea
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This may as well get it's own thread. Normal disclaimer, I'm not associated with TRI or kbear nor anyone else in the audio industry....

The story goes, TRI is a sub brand of kbear, being the sort of Cadillac to kbear's Chevy. The I4 has been out a while as a 1+1 DD/ba hybrid but the newer I3 is just getting into people's hands and is a DD+planar+ba combination.

First impressions are starting to roll in on the I3 and it's got very high "flavor of the month" potential given the price and initial reactions.

The I4, while well regarded by those who actually heard it,. Didn't really stand out in a crowded field.

Personally, I skipped the I4 but my I3 is on order, and I hate to say it, but they sure know how to design a nice looking IEM. I sure hope they sound as good as they look....
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Oh, as a now, there is a sale on Ali, several shops have it for $125 USD, versus a normal price of $150-$165.
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The sale ended and the I3 is back to $165 on most shops. But I did find EE audio had multiple listings, one of which is still for $125. This might be necessary for me as kbear is running out of time get to ship before my order is cancelled automatically....

US $125.87 47%OFF | New TRI I3 Planar Magnetic+Composite 8MM Dynamic Driver+Balanced Armature Driver Hybrid In Ear Earphone HIFI DJ Metal Earphone
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When you create something to sale and are confident it is good, you don't just make 150 of them. That won't even cover the costs of the design and molds. Combined with the substantial sale from the get go it's enough for me to skip this one. If this is as good as it's cracked up to be a new batch will surely be made.
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I'm not aware of this being a limited run.... The only place I read that is the one translated review and it seems to be for sale everywhere, so I question that.... Are they confusing it when the imr rah?
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I am extremely curious in the I3 as well. I am extremely tempted to order them tomorrow. But I also have my eyes on the Toneking P10. But damn the I3 is calling my name. So far, impressions and reviews seem great.
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Anyone willing to share its impression on the i3? A comparison with Shouer Tape would be much appreciated!
Mine are on the way and I'll definitely compare them to the tape, spring 1 and kbear diamond when they're here. Hopefully other people start getting theirs soon and can give some initial impressions.
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Blon Cardinal vs Shuoer Tape vs TRI I3 vs BQEYZ Spring 1?

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