Travel-ready cans or IEMs below £100/$160
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New Head-Fier
Jun 18, 2015
I'm hunting for some new headphones for travelling or hiking, and was hoping for some recommendations.
They need to be comfortable against my ear and not overheat me, be durable and easily portable (don't really want gargantuan cans taking up an entire backpack), not likely to slip off when maintaining a brisk pace, and present a broad soundstage with good definition. Ideally good noise exclusion, too.
I've had my eye on Bowers & Wilkins P5 for a long time. My hour's lurking has revealed they're not too popular around here due to being overpriced, but I can get my hands on a used set for $140. I've liked the sound quality from my brief exposure to them, and obviously the style, lightweight build, flat-pack portability and semi-open cans make it a strong contender for travelling.
However, I'm wondering if IEMs might be more what I'm looking for, but I don't have experience with any good sets.
Obviously they're about as portable as you can get, and open more possibilities (I don't think I'd be wearing P5s to the gym). I understand that they require frequent changing of the tips, but my main concern is comfort - I've used plenty of earbuds over the years, and every one has made my ear canal sore.
I'm looking at a Vsonic GR07 V2 Classic Edition as a possible contender, it's not sold in this country but I've found one on Ebay.
Anyway, I was hoping you kind folks might help me decide what would be the right fit. Opinions on the aforementioned units, how rivals within the price limit compare with them, and pro/con discussion of cans and IEMs would all be incredibly welcome.
Thanks very much, and also, hello!
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Ended up finding a cheap set of Sennheiser IE80s on EBay, hope they'll do the trick.

I'm still interested in what anyone thinks of the options I listed though, and their recommendations for anything else fitting the criteria.

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