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Transportable Amp!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by superfrag, May 24, 2010.
  1. Superfrag
    Hey guys,
    Currently, this is my setup : Laptop --> Musiland Monitor 001 --> MisterX y2(Gamma-2) DAC --> Woo Audio 6 --> DT880 600Ω . [​IMG]
    Now, I'm a college student, and this setup BARELY fits on my table. I absolutely love the WA6 with my DT880, but I do a lot of traveling as well, and the WA6 is much bigger and heavier than the rest of the components.
    The y2 and Musiland are very small and easily transportable, but the WA6 is not.. and I put the thermocol on top of it to protect it, so that takes up a lot of space too.
    Now, I'm ready to spend upto $600 or $700, but I need an amplifier that comes as close as possible to the WA6's ability to drive the DT880 600Ω. Note, I know its not possible for a transportable/portable amp to match the WA6(if it is possible, then awesome! ).
    I just want an amp that is smaller and lighter, and will fit into my carry on baggage without needing a checked baggage for the rest of the stuff for a short trip. Obviously, it must be well built too. The WA6 takes up a huge amount of space, and it is very heavy too.. not to mention I need to take care of the tubes and make sure it doesn't get damaged. I realised its too much of a hassle, and maybe someday when I get an apartment or am staying at one place for a long time(after college mostly) I will get the WA6 or WA6 SE again.
    But for now I need a smaller amp, lightweight and transportable. I don't need it to run on batteries or use it while traveling, its fine by me if it needs a power socket to run.
    I was looking the the popular P51 Mustang or the SR71-A from RSA, but I was wondering if there were better or similar options, as both of them are portables and run on batteries.
    Also, I posted this in the Full headphone amp Forum and not the portable one, cause I don't really need a portable amp, but an easily transportable one.
    I'm gonna miss the WA6 a lot though. [​IMG]
  2. MrSlim
    If you want to try your hand at DIY, the CTH would be a great choice for you..  If you're not into that, keep and eye on the For Sale Forum for one to come up. It has been shown to drive just about any HP out there (ok, maybe not the K1000, but all the popular 'phones have been tried/used with it)
  3. Skylab Contributor
    There is no portable amp that will drive the 600 ohm Beyers as well as something like the WA6 will.
    That said, the SR71-A is a good choice.  It's a bit warm IIRC, and this suits the 880 well, and it has some pretty good drive capability for a portable.
    The Qables iQube can drive them, but it's not at all warm sounding - very neutral - and might make you feel the sound with the 880 is too bright.
  4. Ypoknons Contributor
    I'll be honest, when I was a college student I lived with a Headroom Micro + HD595 for a while but ended up going with IEMs, I felt my mobile lifestyle was more important than wringing every bit of sound out of my cans.
    Your best bet is to look at something beefy, with lots of power, like 2x 9V batteries - like both of Skylab's suggestions. I had fun with the Headroom Micro 2006, but I don't know how good the current versions are. Another classic is the Lisa III. As for outlet transportable, the Nuforce Icon HDP and Audio GD Sparrow are getting raves these days, try looking into that.
  5. dallan Contributor
    Lisa lll !   Drives the HD650s, DX1000s and even the HD800s although not as well as my Zana Duex. 
  6. Superfrag


    Na, I'm no good with DIY. Will keep an eye out for it in the For Sales forum. Whats the full name?

    I thought as much.. I'm looking for something that has the closest sound signature to the WA6. Also, I don't need a portable amp, just need an amp which is smaller and lighter to carry when traveling by air now and then. The WA6 along with the thermocol take sup 80 % of my carry on baggage, and it weighs 13.5lbs.. too heavy.
    Will look at the Lisa III !
  7. dallan Contributor
    Ya you can use it as a home amp plugged into the ultra quiet power supply, the LLP I believe it is called. I have that up here and use it plugged in when I am not portable.  It is more detailed and quieter than my other older tube amp but not as warm as it....even if it doesn't compare to the Zana Duex it is still a good package for sure.  
  8. Superfrag
    Hmm. What's the difference between the Lisa III XP and the standard? The power supply I will get later, don't have $900 to spend.. or $975 if I get the XP. The Lisa III seems like a really good option. Also, how is the service and shipment times etc of the manufacturer?
  9. Superfrag
    Ok, so after reading around, the main difference between the standard and the XP seems to be the battery life, slight difference in dimensions. Can someone tell me how heavy exactly the Lisa III XP is?
    Also, how is the service and shipment times etc of the manufacturer?
  10. kubus
    Protector :)
    I have got a wa6 maxxed and Protector to drive my iem's and hd600's and I can honestly say that both drive mine stuff in way that I dont even think about upgrading/changing anything in my rigs.
    Im sure jc9394 and headphoneaddict whose got also protector and wa6 maxxed and many headphones, will confirm that protector is great choose.
    Btw. even Ray Samules said that Protector balanced and sr71a blackbird unbalanced can drive full size cans like t1, hd800, hd600, hd650, dt880 to fully power.
  11. Superfrag
    I'm still inclined towards the Lisa III since I will be using the y2 as my DAC and RCA outs from there to the Lisa III. Also I intend to mainly use it as a desktop rig, just need to be transportable since I travel often.
    Don't need Balanced output.. plus the RSA amp's have HP input and not RCA so that is a downside for me.
  12. dallan Contributor
    XP vs Standard Lisa lll, think it is mainly battery life.  It is about 8 hours with my standard.  Nice think is you can carry it around in your back pocket as a mobile with alo lisa harness and ipod or in a coat pocket and i think the xp would be too big for that.  The LLP is kind of a must though to tell you the truth, esp if you are using it as a home amp.  Originally I had your thinking and the only way they had any available was a set at that moment and I am so happy I got both at once.  It is a complete home set up that way, with more access to quiet power and charges the batteries, otherwise you will be eating batteries like crazy as well.
  13. KingStyles Contributor
    I second the lisa 3. Very powerful portable amp. I havent heard a can that it cant drive well.
  14. shigzeo Contributor
  15. Superfrag
    Yup, I looked at that. They start orders in June. Thats OK by me, I'm gonna make my purchase after CanJam! [​IMG]

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