Transport x amp (upgrade) - Pop Pulse x LD MK III
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Jul 11, 2008
I'm thinking of upgrading my audio gear based on my PC: .mp3 + .flac via Winamp - but have many questions that should be answered before I try to do anything. Hope some of you can help me.

So let's go first saying I have a Zero DAC with a grounded HDAM that I use with my K701 and sound comes from my P5K-SE Asus motherboard via Tributaries Silver Series SVC cable used as coaxial digital. I bought this headphone thinking of doing the upgrades as soon as I get some $$$.

Now I feel the need to improve my system so I can begin to "see" what my K701 can do. By the way, I listened to my father's HD580 at my Zero and I'm still thinking if I really didn't enjoyed it better than mine. I think the bass it gave was what my headphone is missing and after that experience, knowing I prefer my AKG in almost every other field, it is where it needs to improve.

Said that, I tought of saving money so I could get at least a reasonable headphone amp, and begin to think of LD MK III to add some warmth to my sound. I'm still inclined to buying of of these, but some days ago, I don't know why, I begin to read more about 'transports' and then I realized maybe my motherboard, even doing bit perfect via Asio4All, may be the weak link at my setup. Now that I have the $$$, I need to know from you if I should upgrade my transport before a good amp, or later. I'm inclined of thinking later.

Now other questions that may be relevant...

I want to know if someone has any experience with Pop Pulse from CryoParts because it is what I have in mind for the transport upgrade:

CryoParts Pop Pulse USB to SPDIF Converter

Looks like there is no review except this one:

ramblings computer audio
ramblings computer based audio

I don't know the reviewer reputation and still thinking if someone has experience to confirm this device can make sound from Zero DAC better. Looks like there are many doubts about if there is improvement on quality after changing onboard audio out from motherboard to a sound card or devices like these one: Trends Audio UD-10.1, HagUSB and CryoParts Pop Pulse when using a external DAC.

How much can a transport improve the quality of what I'm hearing?

This is a field (transport) I may be very ignorant, so if there is something worth to say to educate me, I'm all ears/eyes.

My idea is, if a transport upgrade is an usefull thing to do, maybe I can buy Pop Pulse and one of theirs USB cable (the one at US$ 70.00) and wait for the headphone amp upgrade, hoping to save money for a much better unit, something like Doge or Bada instead of LD MK III. I think I can live with this decision for some time...

Would you mind telling me your toughts about these questions? By the way I don't live in US and have no friends that have audio gear so I can test and see if things work or not for me.


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